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A friendly duel turns into a big problem for Jaden.

Chapter 1: A Small Duel.

Go,Flame Wingman! Skydive Scorcher! Wingman dives and hit Alexis' Cybertutu head-on and destroys her. Now for my favorite part you take damage equal to Cybertutu's attack points. The Flame Wingman comes up to Alexis and wraps her in flames.

"Nice move, Jaden" complements Alexis. "I do what I can" replies Jaden. But the battle isn't over yet as I place two face downs on the field.
"Okay" thinks Alexis "So what should I put down now?" She pulls out a card and sees it is one of her favorites. "This should do nicely" She says with a glimmer in her eye. But for now I play Etwol Cyber and Blade Skater.

"Alright neither of those monsters is strong enough to take Wingman down so..." Flame Wingman!! Attack Etwol Cyber with Infernal Rage!! A stream of flame is coming at Etwol when...
"Hold it right there." "I activate the trap Doble Passe' " The attack swerves around Etwol and hit Alexis who takes the hit in stride.

Sorry, Jaden since Doble Passe' turns your attack on me, Etwol can wage a direct attack on you! "Oh man this is exactly what happened when we first met!" Jaden exclaims. Etwol spins then swings her leg but it is glowing slightly, Jaden and Alexis don't notice this until Etwol hits Jaden and causes an explosion. "Wow" "I didn't know Etwol could do that!" says a suprised Alexis. When the smoke clears Alexis is ready but Jaden is gone. "Where did he go?" Jaden, Jaden! No answer. He couldn't have just vanished into thin air so quickly, he has to be somewhere. She looks at the spot Jaden was at and walks over to it.

Alexis searches for a few minutes knowing no one will see her doing this since the both of them are in an open but secluded field. She doesn't find anything until a small glint catches her eye. "What is that?" She asks herself curiously. She walks over and has to squint at the object to see it since it is so small. As she gets closer she sees a red jacket, brown hair and a duel disk. It only takes her a few seconds to recognize what or who it is. Jaden!! No way how did he get that small!?!?! No time to answer the questions now, she takes Jaden and heads to her room.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1099082