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Your sister now takes charge...
Life's good for you. Your 20 who has a place in collage. You have brown hair and a tan. You managed to get a six pack when you were about 16 and girls have loved you since. Also you are the 'bright one in the family'. Your parents have always said that the first born always seems to have more brains then your siblings. Talking about your siblings you have a little brother called Jack who is 13. He is nearly has got a six pack. He has blonde hair and has a tan like the rest of your family. He dosen't seem to care about school alot which dissopoints your parents. You always torture him just like your sister. who is 10 her name is Grace. Now only you know that she is much more clever then you but you blackmail and torture her making sure that yo ustay as favourtie child. She vows that once your parents come back from their hoilday she will tell them the truth. Silly girl not knowing of what you can do to her. As its the summer and you haven't got collage for 3 months and your sister hasn't got school for 3 months aswell your parents took advantage of this leaving you to look after your sister as they have a round-the-world-cruise.

You wvae your parents of as they leave to the hoilday. You serve around giving a evil grin. You walk in and close the door and walk up quietly to your sisters room. You sneak in quietly and see her playing with her dolls. You leap and jump on her sitting on her stomach seeing her wriggle under you which makes you laugh. 'Get of me you fat idiot' She shouts. 'When mum and dad come back you will keep your mouth shut ok' You say waiting for her to confirm it. You see that she isn't eplying so you take your sock off which you've been wearing for weeks and see that she dosen't want to go through that. 'Ok whateve you say' She quickly replies. You get of her and leaving the room laughing as she gets up not know what she has in store for you...

Your in the study room doing your homework. Even when your on a hoilday break the school sneds homework through the mail. You hate your collage but you heard that all the over collage's even sends tests to their students! Your sisteris probably sitting in the living rom watching some rubbish like hannah montana. You hate that programme and always turn it off when you go into the room when she is watching it. Your sister shouts for you and you go. You'd even know what your sister wants to get away from doing your homework! You enter the living room and no surprise Hannah Montana is on the tv. You turn it of and your amazed to see that Your sister didn't complain about it. 'Jake, I need you to lie on the floor and do some experiments on you for my homework' She says. At first your curious but then see peices of paper all over the floor. You sigh but then lie on your back facing upwards. Your sists turns around and grins knowing she has you in her hands...

'Hmm I dont think doing in here is good come to my room' She says. She grabs her papers and skips out of the room, up the stairs and into her bedroom where you follow. You lie on the bed as instructed and wait for her to explain more. Now I need you to stare at this object to put you to sleep whislt I test stuff on you' She says and hangs on the ceiling some sort of watch. You stare at it and a few mintues late your knocked out snoring slightly not knowing what your sister is doing to you. A loud bang causes you to wake up and find that you cannot move. You see that some how your sister has managed to ge tyou on the floor. Your wrists have been tied up and so have your ankles. The rope has been stuck to the walls causing you to be in the shape of a start shape. Also you find you've been stripped naked just wearing your boxers. Your sister enters the room with a evil grin on her face.

'What the, get me out of this' You shout but she ignores you and walks up to you. 'Right from now on I will be in charge and you will be listening to me and when mum and dad get home I have a speical surprise for you but for now lets start the torturing'. She sits on your chest and you find your kinda light. She moves back so she is resting on your belly. She rasies her legs and you see where this is going. She lowers her bare feet onto you to face and you try to froce them off but your hands are tied tightly. She rubs her feet along your face. As she rubs her foot over her mouth you bite her big toe and she pulls away. 'Do it again and I will bite harder' You say but she dosen't seem to care. She gets the duck tape and rolls it along your mouth. She gets back into her postion and continues with her feet torture. You hold your breath but you can't hold it and gasp for air though your nose until she places her foot on your nose making you breath in her smelly feet in. 'Hehe I think we are going to have alot of fun bro' Grace smiles and gets up. She stands by your head and makes the back of your head compltey on the floor as she places her foot on your forehead and pushes down.

She leaves the room leaving you just laying there waiting for her to start the torture again. She enters the room again and claps her fingers. Then you see Jack enter the room. 'Hey bro see that Grace has managed to restrain you' He smiles and walks next to your hea dlooking down at you. Your sister walks onto the other side of you. Both of them are barefoot and the stink is just unbearably! Jack rubs his foot along your face and you can do nothing expect wait fo rhim to have his fun. 'Hey Grace maybe we can have even more fun with by using our feet' Jack smiles. Without warning he rips the tape of you rface casuing immense pain. 'Ow' You shout as your brother and sister laugh. Jakc leaves the room and comes back shortly after with a bowl of melted chocolate. He places it on the floor and dips his foot in. 'Oh No My foot is covered in chocolate' Jack smiles with grace. 'Now Jake you will lick it clean otherwise me and Grace will have to go abit extreame' Jack grins. He brings a chair forward and sits down and hovers his foot over your face. Chocolate drips onto you and taste the sweat which is mixed into them. 'Start' Jack smiles and as he orders you to you see Grace with camcorder filming every second of their revenge. You stick your tounge out and lick up and down his sole. Sweat and chocollate invade your mouth and all your siblings do is laugh with joy. He points his foot and now its time for the toes. You open your mouth and start to suck on them. As you do you notice his foot seems bigger and the rope around your wrist and ankles seem less tight. 'Wait stop he seems to be shrinking' Your sister says and turns the camcorder of. Jack removes his foot and looks dow nat your sightly small body. You stand at 5'10, Jack stands at 5''6 and Grace stands at 5'1. They untie you but before you can do anymoves Jack and Grace lift you over forcing you to go on your front. They bend your arms back and ties your wrists behind your back. They untie your ankles and you stand up next to your larger siblings. You stand sightly taller then Jack but wonder how much talller. Grace goes through her draws and places the end under your big toe and hands it to Jack so he can reach. He raises it and sees your new hight. 'Ladies and Gentleman our brother now stands at 5'7. Your shocked knowing that your just one inch taller then Jack! 'Jack I feel left out being smaller then you two, make him smaller' She grins and Jack trips you over onto the floor. 'Oi stop I don't want to be smaller' You scream but he ignores your crieds and rubs his foot over your face making you smaller and smaller...

He rasies his foot up and see how much bigger his feet are. 'Wait' Grace says and runs out of the room arrving seconds later with one of Jack's socks. She places it on your face and the sock gets bigger. She removes and smiles and places it in her pocket probably planning to use it later. Jakc gets you up and you see your brother tower over you. Jack measures you and giigles as he knows your knew hight. 'Jake now stands at 5'0. Your sister walks towards you and is slightly taller smiling as he bend sher head to to see you. Suddenely her phone rings and answers. She tells you two that she is meeting her friend some where and won't be back for 1 hour leaving plenty of time for Jack to have some fun with you. She leaves and Jack drags you by your hair into his room. He throws you on the floor and he walks to place his feet either side of your face. 'Now I'm sure you don't want to be smaller so you will obey me' He smiles and now you fear him. 'But I want to see how much smaller you can get' Jack smiles and ebfore you can have his say his feet are all over your body. His feet getting bigger and bigger and you as they are covering your face. He smiles and picks you up and he looks like he is double your hight. He measures you and your new hight is 3'8 which is directly half his size. 'Aww your a little midget' He smiles. he unties your hand knowing that you will not be able to over power hi. 'Please Jakc I will stop bullying you just please make me grow back' You beg and your brother simply smiles. 'Sorry bro its time for revenge' He smiles and decides to have alot of fun with you...

3 Days later

You've have somehow managed to survie 3 days of non-stop torture from Jack and Grace. Yesterday all thee of you learnt that you can grow when your away from Jack's feet or sweat for about 4-5 hours. Jack sent you to bed at 7pm yesterday. You prayed that you won't be tortured tommorrow but deep down you knew that was simply impossiable. You woke up and you find a white cotton above your face. You throw it away and see your sisters giant face. Her hand wacks you of the bed and you stand up to see that your only half her size which is about 2'5. She is in her pink nightie and surprise surprise she is also barefoot. 'Time to play little one' She smiles. 'Please don't torture me I beg of you Grace' She ignores your pleads and drops the sock on you. You shrink more and more and the more you shrink the harder it gets for you to take it of. You finally managed but you paid a price for it. You find your only up to her shin now. She pushes you back wit hher foot and she simply iggles down at you. Her foot is slamed on your body and it covers just about half your body. The sock is dropped on you again and her foot gets heavier and heavier. She picks it up and her feet are you. Her big toe is prssed on you and it covers half your body! 'Aww your a little person now arent you' She smiles as you wriggle under her big toe. She removes it and picks you up. She clicks her fingers and you grow to her ankle hight (about double your size now). She holds you tightly and carries you into her room. You see a boy in her room and know exactly who he is. He is Grace's best friend called Arthur. Its kinda weird though because Arthur is 8, two years younger then Grace but they are still good friends even though you love teasing him with your feet. He has blonde hair and white skin. He is not a tidy boy and you know that alot of punishment from him will come your way...

She drops you on the floor and Arthur stands next to Grace. Arthur is up to Grace's shoulder hight. (About 4'7-4'9). You see he is also barefoot to and you smell both of their smelly feet. Arthur and Grace step forward towards you. Arthurs feet are infront of you and Grace's feet are behind you. 'Hi little one' Arthur smiles and now you difently fear him. His foot is rasied up and is slamed on you. Your directly under his foot but to your surprise you have not died. He rubs his foot up and down your body and a tone of sweat is left upon you. You hear Grace's is laugh and Arthurs too. Arthur removes his foot and both kids sit down legs streched near you. The kids sare at each other and smile. Grace moves her foot forwards and Arthur does the same thing. Arthur pushes his foot infront of you and Grace pushes behind you causing you to be sandwhiched between their feet! You cannot believe that you are weak and tiny enough to be squished by a 8 and 10 year old's feet! Aruther and Grace laugh as they see you wriggle between their feet. Grace moves her feet and picks you up. She removes your top and shorts leaving you in your boxers. You shiver in her hand but she dosen't even notice your coldness. Grace the pulls a small elastic band and wraps it round you. 'You want him or should I?' Grace asks. 'I think I will have him with in between my toes' Arthur smiles and Grace bends down as oyu wriggle in her massive fingers. She throws the elastic band and pulls out some salatape from her draws. She slips you inbetween his big toe and toe next to it and salatapes the middle of your body to Arthurs sweaty skin. She strapes you in tightly and you wriggle desperatley trying to get free. She removes her hands and turns around. The two kids walk down stairs into the living room to play with the Wii and have some much fun they don't even know that your in Aruthers feet....

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