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New Disney show shake it up, Cece and Rocky gain weight
Shake It Up WG Story

         Cece was working on homework in her apartment while her brother was in his room and her mom was in the kitchen washing the dishes. This family lived in Chicago, and Cece was a star on the popular dance show, Shake It Up Chicago. Her friend Rocky lived in the apartment right above theirs, as she just came in through the window. "Hey you guys", she said as she sat next to Cece. Rocky was also a part of the popular dance show, but the show had just had its season finale for the summer, and the girls got to relax for the summer.

         Rocky and Cece were hanging out in Cece's apartment, and were all alone because Cece's mom was on duty as a Cop and her brothers were hanging around town. Rocky then said, "any plans for the summer?". Cece replied, "nothing interesting, just gonna stay home for the whole summer". "Well then maybe you would want to join the summer-long activity I have planned". Cece had a confused look on her face, "what activity takes 3 months?". Rocky then said, "how would you like to gain weight and pack on the pounds with me?"

         Cece then said, "why would you or I want to do something like that, not only will it affect our figures, but it will surely affect our dancing on the show". "No it won't, it will only make it better", said Rocky. "How do you figure?", asked Cece. "It will make it better...", explained Rocky, "because there are people out there who actually like big girls, and we would be helping the show by getting fat". They then thought it over and the first one to speak was Cece, "well we better order some pizzas if we're going to help the show's ratings". Rocky then got a big smile on her face as she knew that this was going to be a great summer.

         Rocky and Cece were beginning to gain weight like crazy in the first month, and it had begun to show. Cece's boobs had gone up 2 sizes so far, as her shirts were slightly revealing her belly, which was already kinda pudgy. Her hips had slightly widened, and her ass had grown to be 3 feet across. Rocky was the biggest so far, as her boobs had probably gone up 3 sizes and were very big. They were resting on her now very large belly, as it slightly hung over the waistband of most of her pants. Her ass had grown to now be about 4 feet across, and they were both still growing.

         "How are you enjoying it so far?", asked Rocky as she had her head in the fridge trying to find something to eat. Cece was sitting on the couch and was taking up most of it because of her 3 foot wide ass, and replied, "you were right, Rocky, this is fun, and we sure will help the show, because we will be a lot bigger in the next two months". "You got that right", said Rocky, as she came back from the kitchen with some snacks, "now eat up", as she handed some of the snacks to Cece. Just then Cece's mom walked in. "Hey girls, how's it going?", she asked, as she then noticed both her daughter's and her daughter's friend's bloated bodies. Curiously, she asked, "girls, what's going on, you seem..., softer than usual", as she poked her fingers into Cece and Rocky's bellies. Rocky replied, "we are helping out the shows ratings by gaining weight to please some of the show's audience". "Well", said Cece's mom, "I got some doughnuts if you want some?". "Sure", said Cece, "do you want some, mom?". Cece's mom grabbed a doughnut and said, "why not, half the cops in Chicago are fat anyway, I might as well add on to that".

         Then for the next two months, Rocky, Cece, and Cece's mom had continued to pile on weight, until it was the new season of Shake it up Chicago. The producer was just getting the show started when in came Rocky and Cece, and they were a sight to see. Cece's boobs were now an SSS size, as she was revealing cleavage that was probably 5 miles long. Her perky boobs were resting on her humongous belly, which was completely exposed and hanging over the waistband of her sweatpants. Her hips were triple her arm length and her thighs had become very thick. Her ass was probably 75 feet across, as it jiggled and swayed like crazy. Yes, Cece was big, but Rocky was utterly humongous. Her boobs were probably now a WWW size, as the Hooters top she was wearing revealed 7 miles of very jiggly cleavage. Her belly was really big, and her love handle were a lot of love to handle, as they were both really flabby. Her hips were 4 times her arm length and her thighs were as thick as the trees of the redwood forest. Her ass was probably the biggest part of her now, as it measured to be around 95 feet across. They made their way over to the producer, with Cece was munching on some doughnuts around each pudgy finger, and slurping on a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi in her very jiggly cleavage, and Rocky was chomping into a whole chocolate cake and chugging a gallon of milk down. "Hey Cece", said Rocky, while patting her very jiggly belly, "you ready to help out the show's ratings". Cece replied, "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP, sure am, I've been preparing all summer", as she slapped her ass and watched it jiggle like jello. Rocky then chugged the rest of her milk, and out came, "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPP".

         After the show, the girls went back to the apartment, where they then began to enjoy a well needed dinner, with foods such as pizza, burgers, hotdogs, and other delicious treats. Just then they felt the ground shake as Cece's mom called from her room, "I'm off to work, I'll be back later". She then came around the corner and was really big. Her boobs were a JJJ size, and her 4 mile cleavage was straining the buttons on her police uniform, which because of her humongous belly, caused it to rise up past it. Her belly was also hanging over the waistband of her police pants. Her ass had gotten really big as well, as it was 55 feet across. She then waddled into the kitchen and asked, "guys, are you gonna eat this cake, cause if not, I'm gonna take it to work tonight as a snack". "Go ahead", said Rocky, "we got 5 more each to enjoy, you can take more than 1, there's 5 for you as well". "No, I only need one, I got 10 boxes of doughnuts in the car, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPP".
And that was all the buttons on her police uniform could handle, as her boobs burst them off, and made more and more cleavage spill out. Cece's mom, looking embarrassed, said, "I've been waiting for that forever", as she juggled her boobs in her hands and watched them jiggle, "I guess the girls and I are going to need a new uniform".

         So the three of them continued to get bigger and bigger until they were completely immobile, and even then Rocky and Cece were still on the show, where they just danced in place. Cece's mom still was a part of the Chicago Police Department, mostly to enjoy the leftover doughnuts and get fed by off-duty cops. They loved gaining weight and never stopped.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1754955