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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1826014
An Outbreak Starts
The gray clouds hung low in the sky, threatening to release the water they had stored inside of them. The forecasters were predicting snow, but many in the area didn't believe it, there had been no snow in Michigan in over fifty years. A chilling wind blew through, Samantha pulled her closer to her body. A quick glance over at her best friend Jeff showed that he had done the same thing. “It's so odd that the weather changed this fast, it's so out of the norm.”

“Back in the day, there used to be a saying 'if you don't like the weather in Michigan, give it five minutes.' Man what it must have been like living back then, especially if the weather changed in just five minutes,” Jeff shivered, both were glad when they turned onto her street. As they approached the house, they noticed the front door was open. “Is Ryan supposed to be here? I thought that big, hunk of a man was meeting you later on. You know when the lights go out, so no one knows he's a..” Jeff raised his eye brows, indicating that he would not finish his sentence because he didn't need to.

“He's a zombie, you can say it Jeff,” Sam sighed. There was no clear explanation as to what had made her loving boyfriend turn into a monster but it was now a fact of her life. Thus far only she and Jeff knew about the condition and both were fervently trying to find out if there was a cure to save him before the virus took over him completely. There had to be something, some way of stopping this horrible thing from taking over the man she had pledged to love forever. “I doubt he's here, my mom probably was waiting for someone or something.”

Jeff's eyes bugged out, Sam noted that he was no longer paying attention to anything she was saying. Her gaze followed his and flowing out the threshold of the door was blood. Neither moved or said another word, their deep breaths were matched only by the howling wind around them. After a long pause, they both raced towards the door.  “Sam, don't worry this could be nothing. Maybe just maybe this is some weird mistake on our parts, like God is trying to teach us not to jump to conclusions.”

“My boyfriend is a Zombie, I have to jump to conclusions about everything right now. Who else in the world right now can claim to have the same circumstances as I do? No one, that's who! I am in this by myself with no one else to help me or tell me what I'm doing wrong.” She stopped talking when they got to the door and bent down to see the red, oozing liquid. In it there was a long hair like piece of string.

The string was long, at least ten inches in length, Sam picked it up. As she studied it, the thing began to move. Her breath caught in her throat, as the worm made it's way up her arm. A scream formed in her mouth but failed to come out when she opened her mouth, nothing was working right in her body. “Jeff, what the hell is this thing?”

Jeff wasn't paying attention to his friend as he had discovered something that was just as frightening, if not more than what Sam had. Heather, Sam's mother, was covered in the same hair thin creatures that was on Sam. It seemed as though they sensed another human staring at them, and a small hissing sound coming from them. “Samantha!!! You need to see what's going on in your house! Your mom is covered in those things, and they are moving towards me, and they are hissing!”

Another voice, a more masculine one called out to the pair. “Sammie, Jeff!! Get away from there, those things will kill you!” It was Ryan, he made his way to his girlfriend. He tore the thing from her arms, and held her as she finally released the scream that had been building inside of her. Her ice blue eyes met his dull green ones and he knew that the truth had to come from him. “Those are Zombie parasites, I came by earlier to see you and my more a-a-a-nimalistic urges surfaced. I am so sorry Sam, but I ate her brain, and I must have left the parasites behind.”
Sam pushed him away and moved Jeff aside once she got into her house. Her mother laid in a pool of her own blood, the top of her head on the other side of the room. Half of her mothers brain was missing, and the rest was covered in the parasites. Her face was frozen with the welcoming smile she always had when someone came over. “How could you!!” Sam screamed, when Ryan tried to console  her she  punched his chest, large teardrops formed and fell down her face. “You killed my mom, you beast!”

“I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. It was surreal when it happened, one minute we were talking about having some lemonade while we waited for you and the next,” He took a deep breath, the anger emanating from his girlfriend was palpable and he deserved every second of it. “I attacked her. Something came over me, I couldn't control myself. I am so sorry if I could take it back I would, I wish I knew what happened.”

Sam felt something crawling up her leg, and she let out a scream. Ryan sprung into action, grabbing the offending zombie maker, he threw the thing out the door, as far as he could. Sam wanted to sit near her mom, but the blood suckers were waiting for another host.

“Hi, Honey!” Heather said, her eyes still closed. “I don't feel so well!”

Word Count 1000
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