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just a short anal vore story i made on giantessbooru
this is just a short not really detailed anal vore version for this pic. http://giantessbooru.com/post/view/156227
contains implied digestion.

the dragon squeezed her sweaty ass cheeks around the poor raptor slaves head. making him smell her sweaty cheeks as well.
the warm moist buttocks squeezed and constricted the reptiles cheeks and head. and her anus sucked in his snout forcing him to smell her stinky anus.
dont waste your breath breathing keep sniffing!. demanded the plump dragoness. another prrrrrbt! and the raptor was gassed again without remorse or mercy. the dragoness simply smiled. she showed no mercy to the poor raptor. and with that came yet another gassy flatulent fart. the sweaty cheeks around the raptors head made it hard to see and breath. and even if he did breath he would just be taking in foul gasses. the dragoness sweated more and more as she lifted her tail and made the raptors head go further between her cheeks. the smell was becoming unbearable. having not been into fart fetishes this was horrible. the female dragons ass was quite the sight. but her flatulence was simply terrible. the smell was suffocating and wet.
the raptor struggled between her cheeks only to be choked by the collar the dragoness had attached to her tail.
the big woman stuck her ass out and forced the raptors head in even more. the smell now even more revolting than before.
the raptor found its head trapped inside the dragonesses anus. it was moist and the anus clenched on his head while releasing more terrible flatulence.
the sweaty female smiled evilly and shaked her rump with the raptors head trapped inside. her pink scaly booty cheeks clenching around his neck.
more farts were forced out her rump and into the raptors nose. the odor now even worse and unbearable inside her ass.
the anthro raptors head was pulled further into the dragonesses hungry greedy anus. the butt expanding to let the raptor come further inside.
the neck of the raptor was engulfed by the anus of the dragon. he greatly struggled inside her sweaty stinking ass.
the stench only became worse as she farted more into his nose. torturing him as he pleasured her with his struggles.
the raptor made his way up to his chest.
the dragon now used her hands and pushed him in.
more of his body came into hers as his legs and thighs remained outside of the carnivorous rump.
how pleasurable this was. it had been a long time since her ass had a meal.
and this raptor was going to be a very filling dinner.
the raptors chest and arms made its way inside the ass of the dragoness.
the anus happily pulling the raptor further inside.
soon the legs came in and with that the raptor had been completely devoured by her ass.
a big engorged bulge could be seen coming from her fat belly.
the raptor struggled and kicked while he was trapped within her body.
the belly bulged greatly and the raptor struggled helplessly as he was digested by her stomach acids.

what a satisfying meal!. the obese female dragon said in a happy satisfied tone.
he really filled my ass. i should do this to unlucky boys more often. the dragoness said to herself.
she swayed her big ass as the raptor digested into fat.
soon that rump of hers would be bigger and sexier after her meal ceased to live.
and it was worth it.
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