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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Young Adult · #942801
this is about a girl that falls in love with her teacher plz read and rate
Becca Londer moved to Illinois from New Jersey. She had a bigger and better home. She lived with her mother and father along with her 13 year old brother Sammy and her 15 year old sister Megan. Becca was 17 and in May she would be 18. She loved all her classes especially English, her teacher Scott Ohanson was blazin.

Her first day went by fine. Everyone was nice to her she was the new girl and it helped that she was gorgeous. Standing 5’6 with shinning red hair, bright green eyes weighting at 130 lbs and the most luscious lips and the biggest 36 C bra. Bigger than any girl her size or grade. She made a lot of friends and got her make up work. She stayed after in each class so she could catch up. She had one class during lunch, then English during study and one after school on Tuesdays she also had English. She thought she needed the most help in that class.

She loved being taught by Scott because he made everything fun. After a month of staying after with him she learned things about him. He was only 23 and had no girlfriend or wife that made her extremely happy. She was surprised since he was gorgeous and so sweet and nice. It made her even more interested in him.

She started getting asked out by many of the guys but she always turned them down. She wanted one man and only one man, Scott. He was the center of her attention and for now he was going to be. Monday came soon. Half way through the day and next period was study. She walked to her study hall and turned in the note then headed to Scott’s classroom. She walked in but it was empty. There was a note waiting for her. It read…


Make yourself comfortable sorry I’m going to be late. I had a conference meeting this period I will try to hurry it along and get there as soon as possible. Some how I will make it up to you. Hope to see you soon and miss working with you.


No teacher ever said they missed you especially a student. They never wrote a note or signed their first name, but maybe she was reading into it too much maybe he was just trying to be friendly. She suspected something was different though. She took a seat away from all the windows and doors and took out her assignment. Soon enough Scott walked in.

“Becca you stayed, I thought you would have taken off by now.” Scott announced. He closed the door behind him. “I thought that would be rude of me so I stayed and did some work can you check it for me.” She replied. “Of course.” He said. He came and pulled up a desk next to her. She handed him the work. He read through and was surprised by what it said. The assignment was to write a story fictional or non-fictional.

Becca’s story was about Scott and her being involved in something more than teacher and student relations. He looked at her. “Becca is this suppose to be fictional or non-fiction?” He asked. “Well right now it’s fictional, but I wish it was non-fiction. I have gotten to know you and so far I have no complaints about what I see. I know it could never be true between us. You’re not much older than me but you are my teacher and I wish no harm to you or your job. Somehow though I had to let you know how I was feeling and I figured this might be the way. Since no one else will read it and no one will get suspicious since it is my assignment.” She explained to him. “Becca there is no need to be embarrassed and I have broken some of the student conduct rules here. I allowed myself to get close to you, to get to know you and get involved with you. Writing you that note today was against any policy. The way I think about you is even worse. I daydream about you when your not here and then I stare at you all through class but I don’t make it obvious. There’s nothing more in this world that I would love to do than kiss you. Nothing could compare feeling your luscious lips up against mine. Feeling my body tense in your arms.” He expressed. “Is it hot in here at all to you?” She asked. “Yes it’s very warm I feel like I am on fire.” He replied.

Then all of a sudden he moved closer to her, he grabbed her and kissed her as hard and passionate as he could. It was defiantly no quick peck this was one full blown kiss. She felt the sparks between them like lightning in a bottle bouncing back and forth. She pulled away regretting it in that instant. “We shouldn’t do this here. We have a meeting after school, meet me at my car you know which one and we will go some where alone. Make sure everyone is gone and out of sight.” She replied. She kissed him quick and gathered her stuff. “Also I hope you like the story. Keep reading it gets more interesting. That one can be yours I will write another one for the assignment.” She said. Then she walked towards the door and when she got to the door she turned around. His eyes staring at her intently. She whispered remember and then waved goodbye.

Last class of the day, the slowest one. She hated not seeing him. She hated when his class wasn’t the last. She hated not being with him. She hated not being close to him. She hated everything that didn’t involve him. She wrote on her note book day dreaming. Then she was bluntly brought back to reality when the bell rang. “Don’t forget to do page 65 and 66 answer all the questions and we will review it tomorrow in class have a good night.” The teacher announced. She gathered her stuff and walked to the front of the class room. “Mrs. Londer may I speak with you for a moment?” The teacher asked. “Yes Mrs. Hellow.” She replied. “Well it just seemed that you weren’t here with us today is everything alright?” Mrs. Hellow asked. “No everything’s fine I’m sorry I was just thinking about everything that I need to do and I guess I lost myself there for awhile I will not let it happen again I promise.” She replied. “Ok just make sure you do the assignment tonight.” She thanked and replied.

Becca ran to her locker and then down the hall towards the stairs going by Scott’s classroom when all of a sudden she was grabbed and pulled in. The next thing she knew she was up against the wall. Someone was kissing her intently. She opened her eyes and looked into Scott’s beautiful brown eyes. “We can’t do this here meet me at my car in five minutes.” She said. She kissed him and then walked out of the classroom and down the stairs towards her car. At her car she was surprised what she found. Kevin one of the boys in her math class was standing at her car. “Hey Kev what’s up?” She asked. “Well the boys and I were wondering if you would like to come out with us today to celebrate the victory yesterday.” He replied. “I would love to, but I am still trying to catch up on my work and then I have somewhere to be. Sorry.” She replied. “Maybe a rain check then.” He asked. “Kev, if your trying to ask my out that’s really sweet but right now I’m not interested in anyone I got to much on my plate to think about someone else right now.” She replied. “Sorry to hear that I just hope you remember that I am interested when you are ready. Have a good night Becca.” Kev replied. “You too.” She replied.

Kevin walked away and soon Scott replaced him. “Hey what did Kevin want?” He asked. “What are you jealous?” She asked. “Just a little, is he competition for me?” He asked. “No, not at all, no one’s competition towards you, Kevin was just asking me to go with him and some of the guys for celebration drinks. That’s all. No need to worry.” She replied. “Okay I got a little nervous there for a moment. So where are we going?” He replied and asked. “Well I know somewhere we can be alone if that is okay with you.” She said. “That’s fine with me as long as we don’t get disturbed.” He said. “We won’t be I promise. Come on hop in.” She said. He got in the car and they were off. She drove and drove he placed his hand on her thigh and just let it sit there; they talked all the way there and learned more and more about each other. By the end of the trip they knew what kind of music each other enjoyed, what kind of movies they liked to watch and more.

She pulled into a driveway and parked the car. “We’re here.” She announced. “Where are we?” He asked. “It’s a cabin only about a mile away from the school my parents used to rent it during the summer so we could go on vacation. We still own it, but hardly use it anymore.” She replied. “I see so we will be alone no neighbors, no one living around here so we won’t be bothered. They went inside the cabin and sat down. The minute he sat next to her he kissed her. “Becca I don’t want this all to be a dream, or a rush on thing. I don’t want to have sex yet and I don’t want this to ever be accepted or portrayed as a love affair. I want to be committed to you. To date you and take you out. I know right now that can’t be, but we can meet here and see each other. I’m not the type to sleep around. I like to get to know someone and connect with them before going any further. So far I can tell that I like you and I would love to get to know you better. I would love to be involved in your life.” He said. “I agree. I wouldn’t want to make this all about sex. That’s not why I brought you here. I wanted to be alone with you so I can hold you and feel comfort in your arms so we can sit by the fire and just talk. This way no one can bother us and see us. It’s not like I don’t want anyone to know about us, but right now it’s too risky with me being your student and you being my teacher. A lot of people wouldn’t find it right. They would try to tear us apart or you could lose your job and go to jail. They just might get the wrong impression of what’s going on between us and I don’t want that.” She replied.

Hours and hours passed and they just talked. He held her in his arms and she leaned her head against his chest she looked up into his loving brown eyes and knew everything was going to be alright. They made plans to meet here Tuesdays after school. They got back in the car and she drove him back to the school. She parked next to his car and they kissed goodnight. She drove off as he got into his car. She headed home. She pulled into her driveway and her mother knew she was home.

“Becca where have you been?” Her mother asked as soon as she walked in the door. “I went out with a couple friends mom I’m sorry if I had worried you. I know I should have called there was no phone around. Next time I promise I will call before I leave school.” Becca replied. “Okay honey thank you for understanding.” Her mother said. Becca went into the kitchen and found something to eat. Then she went upstairs to her room and just relaxed laying on the bed until she fell into a deep sleep. A couple hours passed and she woke up realizing what time it was. She went downstairs. Her mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner. Becca set the table and then sat in the living room watching some TV. Her father would be walking in the door from work any minute. Then he would sit in the living room and ask her how her day at school was.

Her father walked in the front door minutes later. He put his briefcase down and then sat with her in the living room. “I am guessing your day was good since that smile across your face says it all.” Her father said. “My day was wonderful I met someone. Someone I really, really like, but I am not ready to bring him home yet. You can understand that right?” She asked. “Yes I can understand that, I am very glad that you met someone and that you’re happy. Just promise me that you will be careful please.” Her father replied. “I will be careful daddy, were talking things slow.” She said. “I am very glad to hear that.” Her father replied.

She walked upstairs to her room and took out her journal. She wrote an entry then reread it over and over. This is what it said….

Dear Journal,

I turn 18 soon and I can’t wait. Scott and I started something today. I can’t believe all this is happening to me. He’s so nice and so cute. On the other hand I know its wrong, but I can’t help it I feel for him. I know he feels the same way. He’s my teacher yes but we’re going to keep it a secret until I turn 18 and I graduate. Then I will let my friends and parents know. The choice of us being together was both of ours and nothing can change that. We will meet at the cabin twice a week and I will see him in class. Nothing can change how I feel about him. Our feelings will get stronger as time goes on. Of course it will be hard to stay away from each other, but we will get through that together. Write back later promise.

Days went by quickly. Becca and Scott continued to see each other secretly for odd time. May came by quickly. Becca celebrated her birthday by having a party. All her close friends came. She blew out the candles and she finally was announced as 18. Later that night she left the house to go out. She went to the cabin just to be alone. That’s all she wanted to do was be alone just to think what this really meant. When she arrived at the cabin she was surprised by what she found.

Scott had arrived at the cabin around 4 and started setting everything up. He planned to have a dinner just for Becca to celebrate her birthday. He didn’t let her know though he was going to call her when everything was set up. To have her meet him there. But to his surprised she showed up.

Becca walked into the cabin and saw candles all around. “Hello.” She called out. No one answered. “Hello.” She said again. Still nothing. She walked around and saw more candles all around she heard sweet, soft music. Scott snuck up behind her and covered her eyes. “Guess who?” He whispered in her ear. She turned around. “Honey what is all this?” She asked. “It was suppose to be a surprise for your birthday but you kind of ruined that for me. “ He said. “It is a surprise I didn’t expect any of this. Honey its gorgeous.” She replied. “It’s not as gorgeous as you are though. Baby you look magnificent.” He expressed. “Well thank you.” She said. He took her in his arms and kissed her. “Well I guess since you’re here you may as well come in and sit down.” He said. “Well thank you, sir.” She said. He pulled out a chair for her and she sat down.

Then he went in the kitchen and got dinner. He served her plate first and then his. He went back into the kitchen and got the wine then two glass. He served the wine and sat down with her. They enjoyed a long dinner along with conversation. He cleaned up and they sat down in the living room. He went into the bedroom and got her present. It was a tiny little box. He handed her the box and she opened it. “Oh my god Scott, its gorgeous.” She exclaimed. He took the ring from her and as he placed it on her finger he said… “Its not a wedding ring or an engagement ring. It’s a promise ring. I promise that I belong to only you. I promise to love you and honor you until the day we get married. Then I will promise to love you for the rest of my life.” He explained. “Scott that’s the most wonderful thing that anyone has ever done for me. Thank you.” She exclaimed. She threw herself into his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck into a hug. Then she placed her lips on his for a passionate kiss. “Becca.” He said. He placed his hand under her chin and lifted her head to look into his eyes. “Becca I love you with all my heart and I have never felt this way about anyone else in my life. I don’t want to spend another minute with anyone else. I want you in my life now and forever. I wanted to wait until we were out of school, but I don’t think I can wait any longer. Becca will you give me the honor and be my wife?” He asked.

She looked into his eyes and just stared tears started to roll down her cheek and she tilted her head downwards. “Becca what’s wrong?” He asked as he held her. “You just made me the happiest girl in the world I can’t help but cry.” She exclaimed. “I thought you were going to say no, you scared me.” He replied. “Scott of course I will marry you.” She exclaimed. They embraced in a kiss and he just held her. They laid down together and he held her until they both fell asleep.

Morning came and she couldn’t believe it. They both were late for school. Neither of them could show up together. They kissed good bye and both rushed home. Scott called the school and said he was coming in but he was sorry that he was running late. His car had broken down that morning and this was the only time he could reach a phone. Becca arrived at home and changed and then rushed off to school. She arrived and went to the office. She got a tardy pass and went to class. When she walked in all her friends looked at her. “Becca I guess your not going to enjoy English today!” Carmen exclaimed. “How come?” Becca asked. “Mr. Ohanson is absent today. I had his class first period and he wasn’t here.” Carmen replied. “Maybe he’s sick or something I will have to get over it.” Becca replied. Even though she knew Scott was going to be late, but he still was going to come in.

School went by quickly and Scott was in class. Soon the bell rang to go home. Becca went to Scott’s class and kissed him good bye and thanked him for last night. She walked out to her car and headed home. When she got there her mother looked at her angrily. “Hi mom.” Becca said. “Where were you last night you went out and never came home we called all your friends no one had seen you.” Her mother asked. “I’m sorry mom, I went to the cabin to think and I must have fallen asleep. I’m so sorry.” She explained. “Don’t let it happen again, you had us worried and scared.” Her mother explained. “I won’t mom.” She said.

Becca was going to graduate in a month and she couldn’t wait. June was coming so quickly. She called up her best friend Cindy and asked her to come over she needed to talk to her.

Cindy arrived 20 minutes later and both girls headed up to Becca’s bedroom. “Cindy you know I have been keep something secret from all of you. Well I think I should tell you now. I have been seeing someone for the last 8 months.” Becca exlained. “You have been who is it?” Cindy asked shocked. “Believe me when I say I wanted to tell you, but I had to keep it a secret. No one could have known at the time. Now I am going to tell you, but you need to promise not to tell anyone else. It’s really important that you keep it a secret with me or everything will be ruined.” Becca exclaimed. “I promise I won’t say anything to anyone else. With all my heart and as your best friend I promise.” She promised. “Well I have been seeing Scott Ohanson. We are engaged and soon to be married after I graduate. After I come back from college we plan on getting married. He will stay teaching and I will see him on holidays and during the summer.” Becca explained. “I am so happy for you Becca. I’m glad you met someone even though he’s a teacher I am really happy for you.” She explained. “Thank you Cindy I’m glad you understand.” Becca said. The girls embraced in a hug and Becca cried because she was so overjoyed. “I cried when he asked me. He thought I was going to say no. Could you believe that. I love him cindy with all my heart I love him. He’s so sweet and honest. He loves me for who I am and we never fight.” Becca explained. “Oh that’s so sweet.” Cindy said. The girls talked for a little while longer and then Cindy headed home.

Becca took a shower ate dinner with her parents and then headed off to bed. The phone rang as she laid down. She answered it. “Hello.” “Hey sweetheart I just wanted to say goodnight and sweet dreams and that I love you.” Scott said. “I love you to baby. Sweet dreams and goodnight also.” She replied. They hung up the phone and Becca drifted off to sleep.

Soon June came along and graduation day came. Everyone was so happy the day had finally come. They all were leaving high school and going out in the world. Becca and her friends all went to Becca’s house to get ready. They all arrived at graduation dressed up and looking their best. Scott was there to list all the names and hand them their diploma’s. He was so happy Becca was there he wanted to congratulate her later when he could meet her parents and everything.

As the listed the names one after another all the students came up and collected their diploma. After everyone was congratulated. The students said their goodbyes to the school by singing a song. They all walked off the stage and found their parents and friends. Scott found Becca. He told her how happy he was for her and how much he was going to miss her when she went to college. She promised to be back for the summer and holidays. She knew it was going to be different now though because she couldn’t be with him all the time. Becca introduced Scott to her parents and they said their hello’s. Becca and her parents left to go home.

She went up to her room and looked around just thinking how much she was going to miss this place. She left for college right after summer break and she was going to miss everything around her. Everything was going to change and she knew it. Nothing was going to be the same.

Summer break went by quickly. She spent as much time as she could with Scott but she knew she was leaving soon. Going off to college was harder than she thought. She was leaving so many people and so many things.

The day came when she was leaving for Harvard. Everyone came by to say good bye and wish her good luck. She had packed up all her stuff and she was off. She hugged her friends and parents good bye. She promised to call and write and visit. She drove off with everyone waving goodbye after her. She had one more stop to make and this one was going to be the hardest. Scott’s house wasn’t to far from hers.

She pulled up into his driveway and walked to his front door. She knocked and soon he answered the door. “I couldn’t leave without saying good bye to you.” She announced. “I’m glad you didn’t.” He replied. He hugged her and kissed her passionately. He lifted her up in his arms so her feet didn’t touch the ground and he didn’t want to let go. He put her down and she looked into his eyes. “I’m going to miss you. I promise to come back and visit on holidays and during the summer. I will call when I can and please write me.” She said. “I promise I will and I am going to miss you too.” He said. “I love you Scott.” She said. “I love you too Becca. Don’t meet any other guys well your there since your fiance is here thinking about you.” He exclaimed. “I won’t you’re the only one for me.” She explained. They kissed and hugged one more time and then she drove off. She was on her way to college and a new life.

She majored in business. She did come back for vacation and holidays and her relationship with Scott grew stronger every day. During her third year of college, Becca told her parents about Scott and the engagement they were happy for her. After Becca got her degree and she graduated from college she went home and moved in with Scott. They were married a year later. None of her friends could believe that she had been seeing Scott all through the school year and she had never told any of them except Cindy. They forgave her though. They understood she couldn’t. Becca lived a happy life. She was with the man she loved and he loved her more and more each day.

The end

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