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Earth Elemental created for Creature Creation Contest.
Cave Cats, earth elementals that look like felines, range in size from that of a small house cat to that of a saber-toothed tiger. There are five types of these elementals the Onyx, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond. Cave Cats hunt in pairs or by themselves and do not associate in prides or packs, unless it is a mated pair with young. The young remain wit the parents for about two years after their birth. All five species of Cave Cats has the ability to make themselves invisible.

The Onyx Cave Cat, the size of a house cat, is completely black. When setting perfectly still it appears carved out of a single piece of stone. However, when stroked its onyx “fur” feels soft and silky like that of a normal house cat. Its eyes, which appear generate their own light after dark, are emerald, ruby, sapphire or diamond. This species prefer to hunt and eat poisonous serpents, however, they will eat any type of vermin if hungry enough.

The Emerald Cave Cat, the size of a large dog, range in color from a deep emerald to a pastel green. The most common eye color for this species of Cave Cat is emerald green. However, periodically one be born with two different colored eyes. When this occurs one eyes is always emerald, while the other is diamond, ruby, sapphire or onyx. This species, which will scavenge the carcasses of the dead, has no dietary preferences.

The Sapphire Cave Cat, the size of a cougar, range in color from a light blue to deep violet, with eyes the same color as the rest of its body. This species hunts only domesticated animals. Unlike the other species of Cave Cat, this species likes water and will pursue their prey into any body of water.

The Ruby Cave Cat, the size of a saber-toothed tiger, is striped. Its two toned “fur” ranges in color from pastel pink to a deep scarlet and its eyes are the color of burning coals. This species hunts large game and, in fact, prefers humanoids to other creatures. While the other species of Cave Cats will live and cub in caves or forests, this species prefers the open plains.

The Diamond Cave Cat, which varies in size, can be a small as a house cat or as large as a saber-toothed tiger. Their color is as varied as the color of a diamond and their eyes are onyx, diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire. This is the only species of Cave Cat that is vegetarian.
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