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An ABCDarius poem of my theological beliefs

Alphabetic Theology

Abba, Father, God is our father.
Baba Maria, God is our mother.
Creation demands God as mother, as father.
Dogma will kill us if we don't watch out. *Note1*
Ecumenical dialogue is our way to the future.*Star*
Fear of the other freezes our words into silence.*Exclaim*
God is the Father and God is the Mother. *Heart*
Holy imagination is God's fierce gift to us. *Gift1*
Intuition and intelligence our twin pillars of joy. *Balloon1*
Joy is humanity's noblest act.
Kindness and compassion reach farther than dogma. *Flower1*
Lovingkindness to all is still the Golden Rule. *Heart*
Mary, the Mother, suffers with her children.
Now and forever co-redemptrix with Christ.
Open all hearts and minds to receive her. *Flower2*
Place all of your burdens beneath her feet.
Quiet the chatter set-up by your ego. *Balloon2*
Rejoice in the splendor of God's feminine face. *Gift2*
Shekinah and Sophia, are the names of God, also.
Theology must evolve and keep pace,
Uniting all humanity in one sacred purpose.
Visionairies and prophets our children will be.*Balloon5*
Wisdom will anoint the whole of the cosmos.
X and Y chromosomes will be equally prized.*Smile*
YHWH is the mystery encoded in our genes.
Zion, God's holy city, exists in our hearts. *Heart*

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