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If the Gilette adverts weren't as blatantly fantastic, would they be more interesting?
The story would take place on the a white yacht, in some sparkling lagoon by an unspoilt island of sandbanks.

The characters are all smooth-legged females whose lives are recorded for advertising razors.

They might wait around in provocative poses with the intention that the music will start and big razors will fly around them with whooshing noises, or they might be a uniquely and completely innocent community of girls who are exploited by people they never knew were watching them.

I wonder if there's a story which anyone could think to base in this world. I think it's sounds more like a film idea, but mock-docs are over-rated. Something character driven, that barely touches on their strange society, would be perfect. I contribute the scenery, you bring forward a plotline, we could have a write-off competition or something... I'm inviting responses.


This is a general idea that came to me while i was watching la tay vay. How primative do marketing types think we are, that we can believe their products will let us live our dreams.
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