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This is an air creature created for the Creature Creation Contest.
Rainbow sparklers have bodies similar to a firefly’s and wings like a butterfly or moth. They fly in swarms that contain from fifty to one thousand creatures. At night these creatures generate their own lights which blinks on and off at systematic intervals. The light generated by the individual sparkler is slightly different from that generated by the other creatures in the swarm. A swarm of these creatures normally blink on and off in unison. However, when the swarm is attack each individual member takes on a random blinking pattern.

Rainbow Sparklers mate and lay their eggs in the late fall. When mating time arrives, two or more swarms of Sparklers will merge into one swarm. The super swarm or swarms will mate, lay their eggs and separate into smaller swarms. Their young hatch in the early spring and the newborn Sparklers can fly within a few minutes after they hatch.

Rainbow Sparklers are pollinators and eat the pollen of the flowers and trees they pollinate. Sparklers do not have a preference to any one plant. However, they are attracted to bright colors, strong sweet scents, and magic spells.

Rainbow Sparklers have very few enemies or predators. This is because these creatures have a terrible taste. They taste like sour milk mixed with rancid burgundy. In addition, they give off the scent of sulfur when frightened.
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