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by Prier
Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #1004285
Is this picture of death or the delayed beginning of life? You be the judge.
He is coming this way

I did not know it was a dream. I was somewhere in vast space. There was nothing...just space and a transparent darkness.

In the distance, I could see a tiny speck of white. It was moving toward me. I could hear a rustling sound as soft as a snowflake.

As the point of light grew closer to me, it seemed to separate into a sprinkle of distinguishable parts.

Then, when they were close enough I could see that the glowing objects were beautiful Angels.

These gentle giants flew effortlessly by me and in musical harmony sent forth with their voices the directive "We are just messengers... prepare for great joy, He is coming this way."

When the Angels passed on by, the universe was filled with millions of stars spinning and pulsing in rhythm with the song declaring, “He is coming this way.”

Comets streaked by and the message was written in their tails "We are just messengers... prepare for great joy, He is coming this way."

Then in the distance, a bright golden glow appeared. There was a rumbling sound that I could not hear with my ears but could feel in the center of my body!

There was a warm feeling in my heart that seemed to connect to the light in all directions and I felt loving warmth, joy, and peace building up in the center of my being.

When the warmth and light reached its peak, I felt love, joy, and a sense of the exact correctness of the existence and order of everything, and a peace that is indescribable.

As the light ebbed away the song again clearly declared "I am just a messenger... prepare for great joy - He is coming this way."

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