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by Buddy
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A wedding.......turned disaster.
Today is Cadey Sullivan's wedding day. Her father accompanies her down the aisle to meet her soon-to-be-husband, Rett Donner. The wedding was taking place in the backyard of Cadey's mansion. Cadey was a 39-year-old defense lawyer who worked very hard to get the house she lived in. She thought about the past 39 years of her life as she glided down to the alter. She dreamed of her work, her home, her family, her friends, and her fiancee. Her dream was interupted by a loud crashing sound heard from behind her. Everyone attending the wedding turned around to see a window break open and a revolver pointed out of it. The gun's trigger was pulled 3 times and the bullets from the gun were placed into the bride's father. He fell down to the ground as blood rushed out of his chest. The guests scattered as Cadey kneeled down to her dying father. Rett ran up to the both of them, but Cadey pushed him off. Rett fell back into the priest, knocking both of them into the gate. 3 more shots were heard from the revolver. Rett looked up to see a woman and her husband fall down to the ground, dead. He looked back at Cadey who began to hell, "WHY", over and over again. Rett ran over to her as several more bullets were fired. Rett heard screams come from the other guests as they fled to their cars. The groom looked up at the broken window, while he picked up his fiancee from the ground. There wasn't anyone there.

Rett and Cadey woke up. They looked at each other. Today was their wedding day.

They cancelled.
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