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poem written by my friend Jill in response to the gift of a pin-doll
Pin Doll---Two

The pin doll and I have quite a rapport.
Don't yet know what she has in store.

Got her home and had to see
what the damages might be.

Carefully pulled the pins from her side.
I tugged and pulled her vest open wide.

Slipped a wee rose quartz under her shirt,
hoping the healing I had in mind would work.

Went to scrub my kitchen floor--
thinking of her posible evil deeds and more!

Somehow knew the lady was Cajun.
An innocent lover, or evil agent?

Long ago, or present day,
what retribution has come her way?

The pins in her head call to me.
Leave them in place or set her free?

Pins gone, her turban surely would fall.
Actually, not the problem at all.

The worry comes of not knowing
what entity unleashed I'd be sowing.

Is she nailed unseeing, dead
by the pins still in her head.

Or, just deranged and screaming mad?
Willing back power she once had.

Take them out, or leave them in.
Now, the mystery doth begin.

Jill D.

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