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Racism in our school and society.
I live in Florida and this is not meant to offend anyone. It's just my view so read it with an open mind.

So this teacher Jan P. Hall in florida who's been teaching for 28 years writes a racist letter to congress which caused her to be suspended without pay but it's only temporary until the board votes in a few weeks to decide if she'll keep her job or be fired. What has she been teaching for those 28 years? Discrimination? She believes that the Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Haitians and Middle Easterns doesn't deserve a fair opportunity for a good education because she thinks they're breaking the school system apart and bring diseases into our country. How would this shameful woman like it if her children went to college in a foreign country to study and they were turned away because of their race or nationality. I'm sorry dear pathetic woman but we can't accept your son here in our college because he's white and white people are corrupting our system and he might have a disease. How can a woman like this be allowed to help our children equally in school. She's a fifth grade teacher and with a racist mind like that, they might learn the wrong kinds of things. Sadly she might be one of those racist white people who is stuck in the past and might be upset if she was working under a black principal. She's a disgrace to teachers who takes the job of teaching to give everyone an opportunity to learn and grow in a world that's forever changing and shouldn't never again be allowed in a classroom. There's no telling how she will treat those students she hates so much if she continues to teach and therefore she should be taken out right away. Let it be known that this stupid woman was interned at the American School in Mexico city in 1969.


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