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Use your brains, not your 'sharp' wit!
"Did you hear what that stupid President said now?" my boss states with a loud voice. "Don't put gas unless you absolutely have to!"

"What an idiot!"

"What are we supposed to do? Hey, don't go to work!"

And so on and so forth until all I could do, since I had nearly bitten my tongue off, was speak up.

"I think people who work for the City should find folks in their neighborhood and carpool. Or, since the bus is free to City Employees, they should take the bus to work. I believe that's what he meant."

"No, I don't think so," meaning I'm willing to complain about the President, call him stupid, yet I refuse to do anything to remedy the situation on my own. He should make it all better. It's his fault after all, right?


Since when did the President, George W. Bush or any of the previous nation's leaders, control the weather? It's a constant surprise to me that they blame him for natural disasters. Hark upon the word 'natural'!

"Doesn't he own his own oil well?"

And there they go again, off on yet another tangent of how rich our President is, how easy it is for him to deny us while he swims in oil.

There isn't a single rich person that doesn't have their hand in the pocket of oil or some other industry. Why don't you talk about them?

Okay, so I managed to subdue my frustration to mild annoyance before heading up front to pay a couple of my bills online. Then, a co-worker who wasn't at work during the earlier complaint, states to another co-worker the same basic uninformed comments that emerged just moments before.

I stopped typing for a moment and held the sigh in check while I listened, yet again, to how 'stupid our President is' and 'what did he expect us to do' all over again.

This time, with great effort and control, I kept silent. But should I have?

It appears to me that we are in grave danger of being destroyed. Point in case, we can sit here and mock our President, bad mouth him, insult his intelligence and complain about the state of the nation while New Orleans is in dire straits. So what if gas prices are up and you have to sacrifice a little bit by carpooling, walking, biking or taking the bus? People are dying! Not only here but also in Iraq and other areas of the world.

Our freedom is a mockery. Nations around us despise us because we are a spoiled, unjust and whining nation. Look at all that we have, people, instead of what few luxuries, yes luxuries, we're lacking. Can't we actually respect our leaders? It seems to me that the nation had an easier time respecting a womanizing pervert in office rather than a man who, despite his past, is trying to heal a nations wounds.

Now, I'm not saying that George W. Bush is perfect but are you? I mean, honestly, who among us is perfect? Do you honestly believe that you could do a better job running a nation? Think before you answer.

The truth is that George W. Bush is not the cause of our latest cost increases and natural disasters. For those who are Christian, they understand the signs of the times, they realize what is happening. It is very close to the time when Jesus returns His children.

All that is happening is completely unavoidable and would have happened regardless of who is in office. Whether it be Republican, Democrat or Green Party, the end is near and there is no undoing all that has been done.

So, I sit here and, once again, hear a late arriver complain about the statement George W. Bush said, adding, "So I went and put another five dollars. I didn't need it but I put it just to spite him."

And that, my friends, is what is wrong with America. This spoiled nation is bleeding from a large wound and its people are wedging the knife deeper.

Never before has united we stand taken on a deeper meaning. Can't we unite? Can't we stand together to help New Orleans and the nations surrounding us without blaming the President for the fly that slipped through the whole in the screen at your house?

Its time for America to act like a nation, to curb their 'clever' statements and insulting tongue. It's time to take action and unite under our appointed leader. Are you being killed for your religious beliefs? Are you starving? Are being kidnapped and held for ransom? Are you being shot at when you leave your house? Are you in danger of being dragged out of your bed at night and murdered? Other countries deal with this daily, driving down bombed streets and fearing road blocks may be the one that sees them shot on national television.

Stand behind our President. Carpool, walk, bike or bus to your destinations. Act, don't complain. Now is the time for America to stand to her feet and proclaim with a loud voice, "We stand behind our President and his decisions."
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