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A time I remember with fondness.
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In winter, my Grandma Newland always made snow ice cream. She never took the first snow of winter, because that was “dirty” snow. The first snow was the one that cleaned the atmosphere of all contamination. It was the second snow that she used to make snow ice cream, this was “clean” snow; snow pure enough to eat.

Grandma would take down the huge stone mixing bowl; the one she kept in the top shelf of the kitchen cupboards. Then my Grandpa would take the bowl and accompanied myself or my sister, take the bowl outside and fill it with snow. While Grandpa getting the snow, Grandma got a wooden spoon and a measuring spoon out of the silverware drawer and a bottle of vanilla and cup of sugar out of the condiments cabinet shelf. When Grandpa brought the stone bowl full of snow back into the house, Grandma would mix the snow ice cream.

Grandma took a teaspoon of vanilla, the cup of sugar and mixed it with the snow. She tasted it, and then usually added another teaspoon of vanilla. After that, the snow ice cream was ready for us to eat. This is when she got the ice cream bowls out of the cupboard and put the snow mixture into them. Then we would all set around the kitchen table and eat snow ice cream.
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