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Hurricane Katrina Aftermanth. The government is here to help. Yeah Right.
FEMA Blues

Oh to be an oracle,
Reciting facts historical

Better to be a soothsayer,
Predicting disaster here and there

But no, I think a writer
Reflecting on life as a fighter

For fighters must we all be
When nature crashes through trees

Tossing us hither and hence
Wouldn't give you a nickel or a pence

For help coming from local or state
Better get right ready to wait

Don't count on FEMA for your meal
Better to beg, borrow, even steal

Your government won't call or send faxes
Except when you don't pay your taxes

Then depend on it, yes you can then
Pay or follow Martha to the pen

Better pay for services owing,
If a flood hits, you'll be rowing

Alone you had better be sure,
Your tax money to the feds will inure

The blame game doesn't save lives,
But the media sharpens their knives

But what ever on earth comes around,
Count on FEMA to be out of town!
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