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Five movie titles in one entry, for Movie Title Pun Challenge Contest.
In this five-DVD holiday movie pack, there is something for everyone--westerns, sci-fi, history and for the environmentally engaged.
Here is a brief description of each:

This extraordinary film delves into the lives of a young girl and her horse, both of whom have a tragic accident an/d are severely injured. The girl’s mother finds a horse trainer in Montana who has a mystical talent in communicating with horses. To compound the tragedy of the accident, midway during the healing process, the trainer develops a chronic case of laryngitis, and thus becomes “The Hoarse Whisperer”.

With Napoleon’s 1812 invasion of Russia as the backdrop, this film juxtaposes the war, the class distinctions of Russian society against a more pastoral story by probing and investigating the activities in a nearby glen where rabbits and other small game animals happily co-exist, where they romp and play in blissful harmony.
“Warren Peace”
This distinctly American film covers a period of time when Kansas was a territory, when the city of Dodge enjoyed a long peaceful and orderly existence, with the citizens enjoying frequent parties to which all were invited. The town was taken over by outlaws of the worst kind. There was a total breakdown of law and order so the good people of Dodge decided that they had to leave. But before leaving they decided to have one final community event: a dance. This became known as:
“The Get Out of Dodge”-Ball
(“Dodgeball” 2005)

In this futuristic film, a humanoid is sent on a mission to kill: he applies for and succeeds in getting a job at Webster Dictionary. His purpose is to obliterate words he has deemed to have become obsolete.

He uses his exceptional intelligence and his indestructibility to accomplish his mission, He is, after all, “The Term-inator”.


In this film, a professor of meteorology, Jack Hall, learns that his fiancee, Tammy, has gone off on a personally-funded environmental fact-finding trip at a time when they were to marry; she eventually sends him a text message, breaking off the relationship. He returns home to contemplate how global warming affected his personal life as well as how he can learn to live without her as he faces “The Day After Tamara”.
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