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A Detective Tale about the difference between the two different types of affection.
His name is Samuel Jones and he is a detective, not the world's worst or the world's best, just a regular detective who went to police academy but didn't make the cut. These are his stories of the weird, beautiful and the downright wrong.

Cindy was regular girl who who had a regular 9 to 5 as secretary for a big insurance company. She had bills to pay and friends to see that's how it was until she met , a seemingly normal guy that was to say the least a little off. When Cindy met John at first it was nice, long walk on the beach and romantic dinners.

Soon after, like most doomed relationships, things turned south quickly. Soon John became obsessive over Cindy and the things she did, wanting to know who she was with, where she was. A person can only take so much until they have had enough, that's she had had enough and broke off the relationship.

John didn't take it to well, he called 24/7 trying to make amends, he sent her flowers and paid for dinners and lunches without even seeing the bill. It got to the point when Cindy became paranoid, and questioned every move, every step she made, she even questioned what people would say to her. People can only take so much from another person before they distance themselves from you. Cindy soon lost her friends and some of her family.....

That's where I came in she walked in the offices on a Thursday afternoon, i wasn't there cause I was working on another case but i heard the jist of it over the car speaker phone as she told my assistant Angela. The story sounded like a simple matter of filing a restraining order against the guy. "That's why i called you Mr. Jones the courts don't believe me, i need proof" she said over the phone as i was snapping some photographs of a big burly guy coming out of a house with very big briefcase in his hand. "Now, Now Bruno that's doesn't your outfit at all" i whispered as i began to take chronological shots of Bruno movements. "Sam" Angela said over the phone "are we gonna take the case or not" Angela added. "Yes we will take your case, Angela will work out the details about our fees and things, i will back to you when i have something you can take to cops" i said as i started the car and began to follow. "Thank you Mr.Jones" Cindy said as she, what sounded like crying or weeping. Angela hung up the phone but not before saying "don't lose that briefcase" "Ha Ha very funny" i mumbled to myself as made sure i didn't do just that.

I followed Bruno for another three blocks until I noticed that the speed the car was going that either they were lost or they know I was following them. I look in my rear view but saw no one so i kept on following Bruno. I've heard that looks can be deceiving, I'm excellent judge of character and Bruno never struck me as the mathmetician trapped inside a bruiser's body.

I followed Bruno's car for another block when i noticed that someone was following me now. "They're getting sloppy" I thought as I increased speed and darted around a couple of corners in an attempt to lose them then i turned into a alley. I waited a couple of moments to see if the car was really following me, the car rode by slow then stopped. I opened the door with my partner at the ready. The suicide doors on the car opened three big thugs made a B-line towards me, running at their full speeds, until they saw my partner aimed at them "What's wrong" i said with a cocky smile i gotta admit i was feeling pretty big at that moment. I continued with same big grin on my face "You started out so big and brash, now ya like a group of three-year olds who saw the family pet getting run over" That ticked off the one in the middle, he gritted as if holding something back. "You have something unimportant to say" I remarked. The two still left in the car began laughing infectiously until my partner cocked back the hammer, then all the laughter cut out like a comedian telling a bad joke. "Now that we're done with the jokes" i said as my partner began rotate his aim between the three goons and the car,"Where's Bruno" i asked. I got nothing but silence until the ugly one, actually now that i think about it all three of them were ugly ok the super ugly one, said "it's too late now, he's long gone by now" "Don't you say another word Mikey or--" the shot to the rear view mirror on the side of the car shut up any talking from the 'nut gallery in the car. That shot was the shot i was guessing they all were waiting for cause then they brought out the guns. Shotguns, submachine guns, even handguns i kinda shocked they had so many on hand.

I think i can take the goon squad out before they can get a shot off but the two in the car will be kinda dicey. The first shot takes the goon to the left out, the two in the car sound like their loading up their weapons inside the car.The next shot took the one or both of the two in the car, I can't tell since i couldn't see inside the car.I attempted to get the third shot off but i didn't anticipated how mad they would be. The only two left opened fire in my general direction, the shot eat through the metal of my car. I jumped behind the car door as the goon with shotgun fired at the car door, the shot sent a family of shells into their new home, my driver-side door. "Hey you ass that's my car door" I yelled from behind the car door. The other goon with the machine gun shot from the other side, to get me to stand up so his friend could blast me. "They're smarter than i thought" i said to myself as they continued barrage the car with bullets, "I guess you're still mad about the three-year old crack huh" I yelled. The next shotgun blast took out the window and it also gave me a opportunity to return fire, as i began to hear them reloading their guns. "It's now or never" i thought to myself as I looked up and open fire on the two goons. The first shot hit the one on the left, Mikey i think his name was, causing him to turn to his left and in a cruel twist of fate pulled the trigger blasting his partner in the chest. They both fell to the floor, i didn't check the one on the left i knew he was dead i didn't see a vest. I walked up slowly to Mikey, i knew he would be waiting to try a surprise attack, as soon as he pointed the shotgun i kicked it away. I got in real close as my partner aimed at his other shoulder and asked "Where's Bruno", he looked away trying one last attempt to keep his mouth shut. I was getting nowhere with this. "I don't have time for your bull about loyalty" I said as press my thumb in his wound, "now where's Bruno" I asked. Mikey yelled out in pain all the while giving me look as if to say "you bastard", Mikey finally broke down and squealed "Alright,Alright, He over at the docks, Warehouse 21" he said while gripping his wound, and with that i walked over to my car and examined the car. "Hey what about my shoulder" Mikey yelped, "What about my car" i responded. "What about your car, I'm bleeding over here" Mikey yelled. I turned and began moving the bodies over to the side, "what about my shoulder" Mikey said "I only shot you shoulder walk your ass to a hospital" I shot back. i began walking towards the car and added "Oh yeah i taking your car since you totaled mine", Mikey growled. I got in the car and yelled back "I'll call the cops and ambulance" Mikey waved his hand as if saying thanks.

I arrive at the docks twenty minutes after leaving Mikey i stopped just short of warehouse 21 just in case Bruno had cameras set up, like i said looks can be deceiving.I checked my partner for ammo, "only 2 left, gotta make em count" I whispered to myself. I got out the car and jogged over to the side of the warehouse next to 21 and ran to 21 in between the two warehouses.I checked the door on the side for anymore goons, I kinda figured he wouldn't use anymore goons he probably sent all of them to deal with me. I entered slowly and began checking the barrel to see whats in 'em but found nothing. That's when I saw Bruno, singing no less, "just when you think you know a person" i said to myself. I walked around the boxes until i was right behind him i walked up slowly and had partner aimed right at the back of his head and i whispered "hey bruno whatcha countin'" "you know for a cop you're pretty dumb" "I'm hurt Bruno how you talk to me like that" I said. "And besides Bruno who said i was a cop" I added, Bruno turned in his chair, "oh really" he said as a look on his face that could be best described as a epiphany. "Now Bruno think about what you're doing at this exact moment" I said as my partner was right in his face. "I wouldn't make any sudden moves or my partner might slip" I said, Bruno gave me a look that I think he uses at the time, confused. "what partner, I don't see any partner" Bruno said while he continued to look "Magnums are a detective's best friend" I said as i put my partner directly against his forehead. "Now where's the girl" i said and of course Bruno, like his pal or goon Mikey did, he looked away like that's gonna stop me. I pulled the trigger on the gun and it clicked which scared the crap out of him, literally. "what are you nuts man, you coulda killed me" Bruno yelled out of anger and fear, the mixture is perfect for getting the truth, sure enough he sung like a canary. "She in a abandoned house on 101st and 8th street." he managed to get out as began to what seemed like crying "Aw Bruno" I said and then after a couple of seconds then added "Damn Bruno." Bruno looked up like i was fun of him, well actually I was, and said "I cry so what, I'm in touch wit my sensitive side." "ok whatever, I need you to do one more thing" i said with a "whatever" look on my face. "What" Bruno whimpered, "this" I said as I hit him in the back of his head with the butt of the gun. I called the cops made sure they knew where Bruno was from what I hear he was still unconscious when they got there. The rest was easy, the girl was where Bruno said she was, I dropped her off, the collected my fee and i was off another case solved.

I made back to the office around sunset which was just about seven o' clock, Angie was still there. Angie smiled like she always did when she saw me come back from wrapping up a case. "Hey Angie what's up" I said as took off my jacket and put it up. "Nothing, how did it go" Angie said as continued to file papers. "The car got totaled up" i said as i took off my holster. Angie looked up with a sad face and said "why did car get totaled, you know we need this car." "Don't worry i got us a new one" i said as i sat on the edge of the desk. Angie looked up and gave me look as if to say "say what", with that look on her face she added "Really, what kind of car is it" "It's a '61 Lincoln Continental" i said with a sparkle my eye, at least that what Angie would say. "The one with the suicide doors" Angie said with a gleam, "yup" i said while nodding my head. "what did you to the other car" Angie said with disdain, I looked away in attempt to avoid the question and said "anyway what did Cindy say about her stalker" "they shot the car didn't they anyway Cindy gave me his name I checked him out, he's in the mob" Angie said as she went back to her desk. "really, interesting" i said as i walked in the office, "what's so interesting about that" Angie said as she followed me. I looked at the desk and saw a plate on my desk, I looked back and pointed at the sandwich as if to ask "this mine" and Angie looked at me and nodded and added "I thought that you might be hungry when you came back", "Aww you shouldn't have baby girl" I said as I walked back towards with my arms open, I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. I was always kinda sweet on Angie, she was my assistant. Angie always did things like this even when she first started working for me. "So what's so interesting about him being in the mob" Angie said as i walked back to the desk and started to eat. "well when someone is in the mob you kinda have your choice of the females" I said between bites. Angie gave me a "oh really" look and said "Oh yeah how's that," "Well women are attracted to power" I said as I saw Angie look on her face. "Oh really then why I am here" Angie said with a swivel of her head. I leaned back in my chair and responded "I have power, I represent danger since I am a detective and you love being around danger" "I spend most of time in the office" Angie fired back "and you like having me around you, I keep you on your toes." I said with a smirk and added "and don't say that you don't like being around me" "Ok that may be true but what does that have to do John" Angie said. "Why would he waste his time with one girl, he could have his choice of the ladies" i said and then it hit me "Unless, unless he gave her something that he needs" I said "Why not just break in and take it" Angie said. "Because he actually likes her and if he takes it she'll know that he was the one that broke in" I said as I leaned forward in my chair and Angie added "But why not just ask for it back." I stopped leaning for a second and said "I'll ask him" Angie cocked her head to side and said "Huh?" "Don't worry about it, i need you to go talk to Jim in the morning" I said as i went as i finished my sandwich, Angie started to walk out when she stopped and turned around "Oh yeah, you can tell him he wants to see you about earlier today" Angie said before walking to her desk.

I arrived at the station around 8:00, I could already imagine what the Lieutenant was going to say, "Why do I have dead bodies in my possession because of you didn't tell you not to do that" and on and on. I walked into the station and frank sitting at the front desk, reading the paper, "Hey Frank what shakin'" I said as walked up to the desk. "Nuttin' but these here young girl wit their asses hangin' out" Frank responded with a smirk. "Frank where's the Lieutenant" I asked as I happened to see one of the girls that Frank was talking about, "Watch it now, he's in his office now gon' head before you catch a case" "I'm already gone" I said as I began to walk towards to office when I saw the commissioner, walking out of the office with a very nasty look on his face. I walked in to a ugly sight, the lieutenant giving me the nastiest looks in the world, if looks could kill i would dead on the spot. "You wanna tell me why I have three dead bodies in the morgue right now" The lieutenant said with the same look in his eyes. "Well first of all Jimmy how ya been" I said with a smirk on my face as I sat down in the chair. "Answer me Jones" he yelled as I got comfy in the chair, "I was in the middle of solving a case when those guys started tailing me" I said as lieutenant listened intentfully. "I stopped and they engaged me, i got off three maybe four shots and they fired first" I continued as I became annoyed at the fact that I had to explain myself to the lieutenant. "Ballistics confirms the same thing but I had to hear it from you" the lieutenant said as the scowl lifted from his face and became a smile. "You had a doubt" I questioned as I started to but my scowl on. "Hey the commissioner just got my ass about you, all the other private investigators in the city don't have body counts" Jimmy said as he pointed outside. "Well all the other P.I.'s don't deal high profile cases like I do" I said pointing outside. "Yeah, the other P.I.'s call the cops when they end with case like the ones you have" Jimmy mumbled as looked over some papers. "yeah well what's new I've been doing this since I started" I said as I took out my pen and pad. I started thinking what would be so important to Johnny that he would start to stalk his ex. "Now what" Jimmy said, ever since he met Jim Sall he made two things very clear, One he is a very good friend and Two he is the nosiest guy on the planet. "If you must know" I said as I came closer to the desk with the note pad in hand. "I'm working on my next case" I added and continued "Hey what do you have on John Trasker" Jimmy typed in his name and couple of other keys and then "Ah here we go John Trasker,AKA Johnny the Shark" I began to write as jimmy said his name and started to rattle off his rap sheet, it read like any other mob enforcer's; grand theft, grand larceny, extortion. Well this guy a regular mob guy, which made me wonder even more why would he stay with this girl. Why in the blue hell would he stay with this girl I thought to myself as a got out of my chair and got ready to leave. Jimmy looked up and saw me getting ready to leave, which he came around and looked at me and said "No more bullshit right" I nodded as I walked out of the door and then added "yeah right" as I walked down the hallway. I started to think about what Johnny and Cindy had, specifically what did Johnny give Cindy that would merit him trying to get back with her. It was late I had very big day and it was time to end it.

I woke up with the same thought when I went to sleep with how in the hell did Cindy have that Johnny boy wanted. "Maybe it was a note that had a combination to a warehouse, no that's not it" I think as I get ready for the day mind still on what exactly Johnny gave her that made him stalk her so when my phone rings, looking at the number and seeing that it was the office I let out a sigh and answer the phone,"Yea" "You need to go down to station" me and Angie exchanged as I rubbed my eyes hoping Angie doesn't say what I think she's gonna say. "Cindy was raped" "Shit" is all I can utter under my breath as that was exactly what I hoping Johnny wouldn't do next "Sammie you ok" Angie says as she tries to confirm if I'm still there , "Yea I'm still here, I'm going you still got that spare room at your house Angie" a pause as I faintly a sneeze or should I say cursing that sounded like a sneeze. "Yeah sam, it's a little messy but I still got it" "If you don't Angie that's cool she could stay with me""No! no Sam that's ok she can stay with just go get her"

As I made my way into the police station me and Frank merely waved at each other as I made my way to Jimmy's office seeing Cindy sitting inside. "Hey Jimmy" is all I said to him as I focused on Cindy, kneeling to her eye level and seeing the look in her eye that I hated to see the look of betrayal, the look of violation that I've seen many times before I do the only thing I possibly can do "It's gonna be ok, alright" I say as I take my hands and try to hold hers, she of course does the same thing that all women in the situation do, pulls her hands away. Like I said I expected this Cindy wasn't the first woman I have dealt with that has been raped by a scorned lover and I have no doubt she won't be the last one of the sad facts of this job
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