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A floundering whale in the shallows by the shore.
This was written for the Poem A Week Campfire III I had to write a poem using the word binoculars.

The Beached Whale


E C Wesch

Looking through binoculars
I saw what seemed to me.
A mighty whale a floating
Upon the briny sea.

It wallowed in the shallows
Soaking up the golden sun.
Enjoying life's sweet pleasures
Staying cool and having fun.

As gentle waves brushed its sides
Caressing each blubbery fold.
The mighty whale, twisted and turned,
Then on its back it rolled.

I watched it turn and float toward shore
And worried that it might beach.
Then die alone on the burning sand
With no family within its reach.

My heart was pounding heavily
As I raced down to the shore.
Fearing I would be to late and
His death would be evermore.

But as I reached the floundering whale
My heart did miss a beat.
It rose from out of the water
And walked on his two feet.
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