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A story about adding a new member to the family.
         He kept pacing back and forth, never settling into one spot. He walked from the candy machine to the water fountain and back with his hands seemingly tied behind him. I knew what he was thinking about. He could only think of the new arrival on its way. I heard him talking about the new baby, how couldn’t I? It’s all he ever talked about to me. Sure he said “He’ll be your new baby brother,” but it still feels like you’re replacing me, dad.

         Watching my father walking back and forth from the bench next to the door my mother had gone through, all I could think about was how it would be once this “bundle of joy” came into our family. They would be all fussy over this new kid and leave me to fend for myself. I’ll have to wear ratty old clothes and a beat up scarf, digging through dumpsters for my next meal. My parents won’t notice, however. They’ll just keep fussing with their new bundle of joy while their old bundle wanders the street, looking to survive for another day.

         I hate you, mom and dad. If I was doing something wrong, you could have just told me. I’m seven now, I can take it. Was it when I shaved the neighbor’s cat and made it look like a poodle? Was it when I drew all over the walls and you had to paint over it? I’m sure the time when dad got his arm stuck in the pipe after I flushed his keys down played a part in this. I wouldn’t have laughed when the firemen were cutting the pipe off your arm, not if it meant this. I still blame you guys for not talking to me first. You didn’t need to replace me. I could have changed.

         Suddenly I could hear crying behind the doors. That had to have been my replacement. I could feel a weird chill run down my back as he screeched. This couldn’t be a human baby. It had to be an alien to make those noises. I guess I can’t blame my parents too much if they wanted an alien baby. I’m sure it would be a lot cooler than me. I heard the doors swing open next to me, taking me out of my thoughts and back into the hospital. I looked for my dad, but he was nowhere to be found. He must have gone through the doors as soon as the baby started to cry. He left me sitting on the bench, all alone. I thought they would have at least taken me home before abandoning me.

         It wasn’t even a second after I thought that last thought before my dad came out from the doors and squatted down in front of me. “Do you want to meet your new brother?” All I did was slide off the bench and walked with him, arms crossed in protest. The door swung open and I walked in to see my mom all sweaty, lying down on a bed with the doctor keeping watch over her. My dad kissed my mom on the forehead and whispered something into her ear before he took a bundle of blankets from her arms and began walking towards me.

         This is it? This little person is supposed to be my big replacement? This little thing he’s holding in his arms in front of me, telling me it’s my new little brother. That’s what they’ve been talking about for so long? He’s even smaller than me! I can’t believe I was afraid of this little guy. I wanted to tell dad that I was sorry for hating him and mom over this. They weren’t replacing me. They were giving me someone new to play with. I said a little promise to myself looking at my new brother. I promised him that I would help him when he needed me and that I would never abandon him. This wasn’t like the promise I made that I would stop digging in the flowerbed. This one was for real.
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