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Perhaps this isnt as new a concept as we think...
Terrorism on American soil

The thundering sounds of men on horseback
Awakening the village to the coming attack.
Women and children scurry to their tipis
Horses come storming out from the trees.

Warriors and the squaws cannot prepare,
Destruction descending igniting the air.
Dust quickly rises with agitated force,
The cavalry continues on their course.

Death is coming and will soon be near,
The women hold their children in fear.
No one in their tribe had ever dreamt,
Of the men on horses and their contempt.

For the life these people once led,
After today many will be dead.
Burning houses made from hide.
Their peaceful ways now subside.

No longer fishers and hunters are they,
The natives have a debt to repay.
Lost loved ones lie dying in the dirt,
Their lives filled with anger and hurt!

New, the concept, terror causing fearful dreams.
Innocent lives ripped apart at the seams.
Gone and forgotten or so it appears,
Memories like these slowly disappear.
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