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by Dwyn
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About the hurt of giving up a friendship.
There was a beautiful wooden door with a shiny brass plate that said “Friendship". We both had a key. I might never have touched the door, much less unlocked it; but one day you used your key to unlock the door and you invited me in.~0~

A whole new world was behind that door . A person who had no close friends found the best one he ever had. We shared interests, thoughts, feelings. We laughed together, cried together, ate together.~1~

As time went by, I became more emotionally attached. I thought I had to be with you. If I couldn’t see you, at least I could call. When we were together, I felt whole. When we were apart, something inside me was missing. You were a beautiful lady, both inside and out.~2~

I knew this could go no further. Then one day you said our friendship could go no further, but my feelings for you continued to grow. They had become almost too much. After a difficult struggle within myself, I decided it was time to start cutting the emotional bonds that I had become entangled in.~3~

I gave you my key and started to say, “I may be back for it one day.” After some thought, I gave you the key and said, “Keep it. I won’t be back.” ~4~

As I started to leave, I opened the door, and turned to face you. “Goodbye, my friend. It’s been a wonderful five years.” I walked out, and the door closed behind me.~5~

As I walked down the path, I heard you turn the latch. A tear ran down my cheek….
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