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by nonny
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The outlook of an atheist on religion in the government and other things associated.
I do not believe that god should be in the government at all. It violates religious nuetrality as determined in the government-created Lemon Test. Yet everyone still debates over the issue. Yes, the majority of the people in the united states are Christian, Catholic, etc. But what about the non-believers and the Muslums. Why not say "under Budda" instead of "under God" in the pledge of alligence. How would christians feel if they did that? I just recently read a forwarded message about a woman who truly wanted god to remain in the government. Her words "I believe that the majority (people who believe in god) rule and that the minority (as in people who don't believe in god) should sit down and shut up." Wow, the ignorance. It's a damn shame that someone so called "religious" acts like this. It's probably because this person has been brought up this way their whole life and they are so caught up that they don't take into account what is possible and what is not. What is moral and what is not. People need to think about what they believe. Not what everyone else believes or what their family believes. My whole family believes in god. It's not easy to stand up to 10 people in a room that are insulting your religion (or lack of it) as if you are not there. Saying that people that don't believe in god are dumb....etc. It is a shame. Any christians reading this are probably either upset or really set back by what I said. But what you need to realize is that your religion is your choice and yours only. Good luck.

I do ,however support believers. It is a great path to follow. People have morals to live by when they live by a religion. If everyone didn't believe in God they most likely wouldn't be good people to get through the gates of heaven. Even though I am a non believer I am still a good person. Sadly not all people would still be the good people they are with religion. There are about 30+ atheists in my high school alone. More and more people are converting... All my friends (except one) are Christian and it is a burden when we talk about religion. It can make or break a friendship. That's how much it means to people and i think that people need to think outside the box- what they've been told-taught and think for themselves. Q- "do you trully believe that it is possible for god to exist?" " Is there anything you can think of that does not have to do with science?" Coming up blank? Yeah there's nothing that doesn't have to do with science. But the possiblity is still there .....what if there really is a god....
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