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Keyword description article for a website, assignment is 3 paragraphs, 100-125 words each.
Large Indoor Waterfalls-Interior Waterfall

Note: My assigment was to incorporate each of the keywords listed above (in the title) at least twice in each article, but no more than four times in the paragraph. It was a challenge...

         Most hard-working, dedicated employees would love to go to a waterfall on their lunch hour to relax. However, most do not have the time. Not all is lost, though. You, the caring, thoughtful employer can add an interior waterfall right into your building. Many corporate headquarters, doctor's offices, law firms, shopping centers, and other commercial structures have large indoor waterfalls installed within. This is because large indoor waterfalls are not that difficult to add to a building, and provide a peaceful, tranquil ambiance. If you put at least one interior waterfall in your building, you and your employees will reap the benefits for a long time.

         The most important benefit to your company is the positive affect that large indoor waterfalls can have upon productivity and profit. If you, the employer, provide your employees a calming, relaxing interior waterfall in an employee lounge, your company will most likely to produce more and make more money. That is because large indoor waterfalls reduce stress, and relaxed employees have the tendency to produce more than ones who are not. You will be amazed at what something as simple adding an interior waterfall inside your building can do for your company.
         Many large indoor waterfalls are made out of materials such as copper,steel,slate, natural stones, glass. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find an interior waterfall that you can easily incorporate in to your present building design. Furthermore, you will be amazed when you see how breathtaking your large indoor waterfalls appeal to all those who walk through your doors. Therefore, don't forget to include an interior waterfall close to the front entrance. You never know who is about to walk inside. It could be someone looking for a caring company such as yours to work for, so plan well. You will not regret it.

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