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a poem about a kiss. interpretation is up to you.
"The Kiss"

Glistening luscious lips pouting with sensuality,
Animalistic desire overcoming her as he nears.

As he tastes her moist lips they part,
Moaning at his kiss, she squirms.
Her desire for him becomes a rage within.
She has lost control.

Securing his head tightly, she presses her lips into his kiss.
Grasping for his hand,
Needing to feel its touch.
The captive released,
Heaving bare breast under assualt,
Shuddering at the assailant's touch,
She can take no more.

Clothes a crumpled heap,
A sheen of excretion enveloping her,
Sweet scent in the air.
She lies fulfilled, the enemy of ache,
His true deep touch the offender.
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