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by BPark
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A beautiful poem expressing and reflecting thoughts of a day filled with lust.
Donnie Graham and I
Pallid were the pink clouds as they quickly begin to fade
Into a serene, breezy afternoon.
Emerald grasses smelled of remnants of dismal memories
That discouraged me that I might not last the night while I’m here alone.
Wandered the field as the stadium lights began to brighten
And the afternoon finely began to weaken into night.
Never could I inhale all the opportunies as I laid eyes on the boy
Who had amazing scarlet hair and pretty, little eyes.
Introduced to the stranger, I had trembling knees and mesmerized eyes.
Never, ever had I been on such a natural high,
Until we held hands—his touch was oh, so sublime.
And my dress of black lace couldn’t fight the cold that clinched my body.
And we laid on the cool grasses with our bodies so close
To eliminate the wrath of the breeze.
Stroking my brittle, brown fingers through his radiant, red hair,
I took notice of all the wonderful freckles that scattered his body
And I could never adore another so much.
And yet the words he spoke, with his raspy voice,
Would be forever emblazoned in my mind.
Spoke to me; he did, of many things through his tranquil silence—
So not once did I complain.
My head laid on his lap underneath the star-filled night
And he lent his sweater to me—I could feel him tremble,
But loved how he loved to be strong.
October took over the moment; October took over the night,
And had to leave our sacred place so far behind.
I left the boy amazing scarlet hair and pretty little eyes.
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