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This is about being born.
Embraced by Light

Noises in the silent night. Was I going crazy or it was just an illusion. Sanity endangered, I was at my wit's end. With fearful eyes, I tried to catch a ray of light that could save me from this anguish. A rancid rancor in my heart helped me stay alive. The darkness was stark but I was placid. Then I saw a beam of light...

… slice through the night, like a drill taking a core sample of arctic ice. Around the beam the darkness melted and merged into a thousand shades of blue that ranged from a deep purple-black to a pale, almost white, lavender. The light made a perfectly round hole in the darkness, hole that crackled and sizzled as the light ray penetrated the night.

I stopped and watched the light cut through the layers of gloom. In the center of the light’s circle religious symbols - a flame, a cross, a nine-pointed star, a seven-pointed star, a star and crescent moon, etc. - formed then randomly transformed into another different sacred pictogram. From center of the circle came voices singing, chanting, laughing and talking all at the same time, cacophony of joy. The closer the light approached the clearer and more distinct the voices became. As I listened I realized that some of the voices were calling my name.

The light struck me in the center of my forehead precisely above the bridge of my nose, where my soul’s eye is located. A fire descended from my forehead flowing through every blood vessel and nerve cell, igniting the yearning to sing and laugh simultaneously. Love, warmth, satisfaction and faith filled my whole body and poured into my soul. I know that as long as I remained in the embrace of the light I would succeed.

The light began to retreat drawing me toward its source. Slowly, mechanically at first I followed, but after a few minutes I began to run. Laughing, singing and shouting with joy I sped toward the light. Then I tripped and fell over a cord that descended from my solar plexus and into the soil beneath my feet. Laying face down on the wet ground, I wept, tears of loss and fear streaking my face. Shivering from the cold and the terror, I tried to get up, but the mud kept pulling me back down.

Again the light struck me, this time in the crown of my head. It pulled me face down through into long tunnel. As I descended through the tunnel, I voices and the light changed, while the symbols disappeared. The light no longer appeared natural, but had an artificial radiance about it. Finally the tunnel came to an end and I slid out, falling into the arms of a woman dressed in white. Another woman tied something to the cord that still held me to the tunnel and cut it.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1051708