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Landing in jail was just one of my worries

Here I was. Stuck in jail. It sucked. On one side of me was a flamming lesbian, and on the other side of me was this girl that was so drugged up, I doubt she knew where she was. The druggie leaned over as if to whisper somethign in my ear, and then tossed her cookies all over my dress. It was a very cute Sun dress, with butterflies and flowers all over it. I had gotten these really cute shoes that matched it perfectly at Macy's and now the bitch had ruined it. I didn't waste time in hollering at her or calling her names. I just punched her in the face. Hard. The lesbian said "Wow, who knew a little thing like you had such a punch in you!" I turned and glared at her, as the druggie wailed in the background.

That's how I made it to the small cell in the corner. As I said, I had a Sun dress on. I was picked up for speeding. I was going something like 70 in a 30 miles an hour zone. No, he didnt bring me in for that. He got angy when I refused to get out of the car. He said something like, Ms. Bear, I need you to get out of the car. I smiled at him and said, "Look, I am in a really big hurry. I have a client that is about to expire, and if I dont get to the hospital in time, I won't get my money." I smiled for an extra measure, hoping he would see that I really needed go get going. "Get out of the car Ms. Bear" he said even more firmly. Actually I would have to say he said it meanly. I wasn't about to take this kind of abuse. My mama didn't raise me to take orders from any man, so I did what I had to do. I stepped on the gas and took off down the road. I think this time I was going at least 80 in a 30 zone. I looked in my rear view mirror to see that he looked just a tiny bit angry, and was screaming something into the radio in his car.


I made it to the hospital to see that my client...Okay, maybe you could call him my husband, was still alive and kicking. "Look, I said to him, I almost got arrested for speeding, at least you could look slightly ill. He was laying on a gurney with a saline bag coming out of him, and a nurse was putting those monitor thingys on him that tell them how his heart was doing. The nurse turned to me, and said, "You know Ms Bear, I think you are the one that put him here. Week after week he comes in here and week after week you harrass the poor man" We both glared at each other. "No matter nurse Nightengale, you have done your duty, now get out of here." We both stared at each other with hatred, and then she stormed off. By now he was looking pretty bad. I even felt kind of bad for him. "Sweety, I'm sorry I haven't been the nicest person to you. I really am", I whispered to him. Jason and I had been married seven years and the last five had been hell. He got sick, and I wanted him to get well. I wanted him to be able to do the things he use to do. I wanted him to be healthy. I wanted him to make money, not spend it on medical bills. I guess the sicker he got the more angry I got. I didn't want him to die. I loved him, even though I guess it didn't look that way. My flip attitude, and snide remarks were my protection against fallng apart and dying. Anyway, after I said that to him, his whole system shut down. His heart monitor flatlined. He died. It was pretty quick too.

I backed away from him, and as luck would have it, ran right into the cop. Hi Ms. Bear, he said. He still looked kind of angry. "Hi", I stuttered. "That wasn't too Smart what you did back there," he snarled at me. "Well, Who said you had to be smart to run away from the cops," I quipped. Then He grabbed me, rather roughly too. He tossed me against the ugly pale tan hospital wall, and slapped handcuffs on me. I wasn't sure if it was legal or not, but he arrested me. The hospital suggested that I murdered him. That bitch nurse Nightenglae was gonna regret the day she became a nurse. I was gonna see to that. But right now I was stuck in jail with my new Sun dress ruined, a husband dead, a ticket for speeding, and a charge for resisting arrest. I was pretty sure it couldn't get any worse.

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