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"A rust colored slight" in Cherokee County, Oklahoma. Packards and Mr. Ed.
Where Packards Stain

Three Packards stain the pasture
where the highway bends to Peggs,
where the county road veers north.
Across the wires and fences
the horses fend for themselves.
Among tall grasses, the ticks
wave legs as hooves browse south,
wondering how Ed did that trick
that put him on tv.

A talking horse indeed!

They chomp past the monument
that marks his grave, past fields
where the old Packards still lie,
a rust colored slight,
blight among the green.

Kåre Enga

catalogue number: [162.702]
10 januar 2006

Note: Packard was an automobile brand until 1958. They were a more luxurious car than the Chevy or Ford. Like Buick or Hudson or better. Peggs is north-west of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Mister Ed, the talking horse of tv fame was put out to pasture near Route 82 and 82A and is buried in Cherokee County.

The prompt was 'rust colored slight' for a contest by Decayed (kemetric).
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