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Lament of the bottle

Half drunk in the refrigerator,
I shiver to be around dead meat.
Juices ooze and flow blood red
as beasties grow invisibly.
At night they speak to me.
My dreams become a burp of
built up gas. Alas, this cold
and darksome place is opened to the light
and gently lifted, roughly grabbed, I
find myself to the last drop drunk at last
by young Joshua who asked,
"Got milk?"

Kåre Enga

catalogue number: [162.711]
15 januar 2006

Note: Re use of 'bottle' in title. Yes, I know milk comes in cartons and bags and originally out of the udder; but, as a child, ours came in a bottle and it works better poetically this way. Was based on comment from Joshua about 'milk half drunk in the refrigerator' and it went from there. K.E.
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