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by Ty
Rated: 13+ · Novella · Action/Adventure · #1063695
An anime story.....Sada starts a new chapter life as she attemps to save the world.

Sada walked down the golden path that was left of her village. Things and this world were getting tough. She had grown up here, played her, and even had here first kiss here, but it was now gone. Destroyed by the Emalonese army and Sada were going to avenge their deaths someway. Yet she was just walking, not sure where she was going, tears streaming down her face. She looked back her village tried to remember the good times. All she had was a sword and her hawk, Sweden. She decided to sit under a tree a while……

As she sat down she felt something drip down onto her pants when she looked at it she saw that it was blood. If she looked up into the tree she could see a small squad from the Emalonese army up in the tree, apparently hanged, though almost all of them looked as if they had died before they ended up in the tree. Several of them had fatal burns; a couple of others had holes in them that were about the size of a human fist. A couple of them had claw marks on them that seemed as if they had been caused by a lion or tiger, or some other large animal. One more person was up in that tree too, though he wasn't hanging like the rest of them. A 17 year old boy with blazing red hair seemed to be sleeping on one of the tree branches. His arms were covered in blood up to the elbows.

She let out a scream, and scattered from under the tree. The boy was jerked awake by her scream. "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." she whimpered as she moved farther away. "Did you do this?" she asked......

The boy hung upside-down from the tree branch by his legs, smiling softly at her. "Yeah... They weren't really worth the trouble. It was 7 on one and I didn't even have to call any of my friends to come help me." He released the branch and landed on his hands before standing up and facing her. "Don't feel too sorry for them. They attacked me first. It wasn't like I was doing anything to hurt them. I was just borrowing some food and valuables from a town that they had already destroyed and then they attacked me. So I killed them and hung their corpses from a tree to scare off any more of their friends that come calling."

"I guess they did deserve it then.” she had manage to look him in his eyes. “I wouldn’t feel sorry for them anyways, not after what they did.” she turned away as tears began to pour down her eyes. I have to be strong she thought to herself. She began to walk away not looking back and then look back at the boy and said “I’ll see you around.” Then she notice Sweden wasn’t following instead she was sitting on the boy’s shoulder. “Sweden its time to go.” she lifted out her arm waiting for her to come. But yet it still was their on his shoulder she turned back around to get her. “I’m really sorry about this, I think she taking a likin to you.” she pulled out a treat “Come on Sweden, we need to go.” she said desperately. She turned her head ignoring Sada

The boy smiled and slowly patted the hawk on her head. "It's nice to meet you too." He slowly started to walk around to the back of the tree. At first it looked as if he was about to leave with Sweden still with him. He stepped back out from behind the tree with a large sack full of stuff slung over his unoccupied shoulder as he walked back over to Sada. "Since your hawk here doesn't seem too happy about leaving me I guess I'll just have to go with you. After all, this town's pretty much empty and there isn't really anything interesting left to do here. Besides, I've got to find somewhere to pawn all the stuff I found." He grinned at her and held out one of his blood covered hands to her. "By the way. I'm Jack. Jack Orion
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