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In the final chapter an explosion leaves people's fates unanswered.
(Here's A Previous Look Back Of Pt.4 Before We Start Pt.5 The Final Chapter)

Trinity- can't stop thinking about him huh?
Anna- don't want to.(with her eyes closed and a smile on her face Trinity heads into the bathroom)

Coach- this is my son Ryan.
(Damon shakes his hand)
Damon- oh. well welcome to the team Ryan.
Ryan- thanks.
Coach- I'm leaving you in good hands looking from Ryan to Damon.(He pats Damon's shoulder and returns back to his office)
Kelly- hey boyfriend who's your hot friend? (looking from Damon to Ryan)
Kelly- Damon you know me and Ryan do make more sense as a couple.
Damon- what are saying?
Kelly- I'll respect all the times we've had together.
Damon- you're breaking up with me? For Ryan?
Kelly- (she kisses his cheek) thanks for understanding.

Ryan- how about a little one on one game? You know just for fun.
(Damon gets the last basket and wins.)
Damon- (Turns to Ryan) Game. that's why I'm captain. (throws the ball to Ryan as he leaves)
Ryan- not for long.(under his breath as he watch Damon leave)

Anna-it’s all part of the new me.
Damon- what’s wrong with the old you?
Anna- Nothing, I just thought I’d branch out into some new things.(sitting next to him)
Damon- Like what? cheerleading and fooling around with me.
Anna-(Playfully slaps him) I think the best thing about this year was meeting you.(Damon smiles at her) I love living in the moment with you.
Damon- I like it too. (he starts to kiss her again)

Byron- ever since I've been dating Haley you kind of been shutting me out.
Damon- well sorry I'm still kind of mad that you had sex with her.
Byron- and if she were my sister I'd be freaking out too. But I don't pressure her to do anything she doesn't want to do.
Damon- I believe that part. It's just Haley's vulnerable at her age and she's only fourteen. Sex is a big deal.
Byron- if you're saying I'm gonna get her pregant-
Damon- that's not what I'm saying
Damon- I'm really trying Byron.
Byron- try harder. What you feel about us means a lot to Haley. I don't like to see her hurt.

(Damon turns and sees Haley walk by he sees her putting towels in the linen closet her shirt rides up and he sees something on her back.)
Damon- What’s on your back? Haley, is that a tattoo?
Haley- No. It’s nothing.
Damon- Haley? (she knew he was growing frustrated in his voice)(He turns her around and there is a small 8 tattooed on her lower back) His jersey number! Tell me that's not real.(she faces him) why would you do that?
Haley- Because I’m in love with him. (looking at him) I get that you want to hold me to a higher standard than everybody else cause I'm your sister and you want to protect me but I'm not a baby anymore. I got to grow and make my own mistakes.
Damon- And Byron had nothing to do with it?
Haley- No, I told you, he doesn’t know

(Haley looks at Byron)(she turns and lifts up her shirt)(Byron looks at it then he gets close and runs his finger down on it she looks at him as he backs up)
Byron- that's a real tattoe?
Haley- yeah.(not smiling Byron sits on the bench)
Byron- you're making me look like the bad guy to Damon.(looking at her with a serious face) Look I just don’t want to push you.
Haley- You’re not.
Byron- Haley, you got a tattoo. It just freaks me out a little bit, because obviously this whole thing with us means a lot to you. I just don’t want to do anything to pressure you.

(Anna lays on top of him and they start kissing)
(Damon flips her on her back he starts to unbutton her shirt)
Anna- how am I supposed to be comfortable when you start to unbutton my shirt? (getting up leaving Damon sitting on the couch)
Damon- Anna? (Anna buttons her shirt back up) It's not about sex with me.
Anna- so what is this about then? If it's about sex then it's just not for me. I need more.
Damon- I like knowing someone like you sees something in someone like me.(Anna looks at him) I love you Anna. (Anna looks at him surpised)


(Damon walks in with his bag and he starts to head to coach's office but he sees Ryan in the locker room doing something but Ryan doesn't see him Damon heads to the locker room Ryan puts something under the seat in the locker room Damon looks at him but Ryan doesn't see him he covers whatever's under the seat and then Ryan leaves the locker room Damon makes sure he's gone and then walks in the locker room he lifts up the little cover under the seat and he sees a little box with a light underneath it)
Damon- what is this? (in a quiet voice not knowing Ryan's behind him)
Ryan- it's a bomb. (Damon turns and sees him there)
Damon- Ryan, why is there-
Ryan- shut up.
Damon- okay I don't understand.
Ryan- that's why you're captain.
(Damon looks at him)
(Anna sitting in class looking at Damon's empty desk she smiles hurt knowing he's not there she wishes he was)(Then the class shakes and there's a loud explosion making the room fall apart people are screaming and trying to get out)(Outside the building people are looking at the school and the debris from the school Anna comes out the school and sees Trinity and the coach near the road)
Anna- Trinity?!
Trinity- Anna god I was so worried. (they hug) Tell me Damon's with you? (Anna face flashes with fear and confusion)
Anna- Damon was still in there? (fear and worry flash Anna's face)

(Two days earlier)

(Haley looking at her tatooe in the mirror Damon standing behind her looking at her)
Damon- was it worth it? I mean it costed me and By our friendship. (Haley turns and looks at him)
Haley- I know. Damon just talk to him.
Damon- no.
Haley- why not?
Damon- because I'm trying to respect your decision of you two wanting to be together.
Haley- so you can't be friends with him?
Damon- Just let things be Haley. I mean you're the one who wanted this.
Haley- I didn't want you two to stop talking or to stop being friends.
Damon- your actions come with consequences as a great man once said. (he leaves the room he goes to the living room and sits down he looks at the couch)(Flashback Damon in Anna's house looking at Anna. Anna still in surpise)
Damon- Anna? (she looks at him snapping back to reality)I just said I love you. you could say something.(Anna looks at him)
Anna- I need to think.(looking lost)
Damon- what's there to think about either you feel the same way or you don't.
(Anna looks at him lost)(Damon just grabs his jacket)
Damon- I'll see you at school.
(Anna watches him leave)(Damon snaps out of his flashback as the phone rings)
Damon- hello?
Tyler- hey. We got a big problem you might want to head over to the gym.
(At the gym Damon walks in and sees the walls have cuss words on them and toliet paper and trash everywhere)
Damon- who did this? (looking at Tyler and the rest of the players as they look at him the coach looks at him too)
Coach- you did.
Damon- what? (looking at the coach not understanding what he's talking about)
Coach- Ryan said he saw you do this.
Damon- what, I didn't do this. Ryan's lying.(Tyler looking at him)
Coach- Damon? (in a calm voice)
Damon- why would I do this? (he looks at Tyler and Byron who's looking at the mess)
Coach- why would Ryan lie?
Damon- your guess is as good as mine.
(Ryan walks in he looks at Damon everyone looks at Ryan as he stands next to coach)
Coach- Ryan, Damon says he had nothing to do with this. (Damon looks at Ryan who's looking at Damon)
Ryan- well he's lying. I saw him do this.
Damon- why are you lying? I have no reason to do this. I just led this team to a championship game win and the classics win. An undefeated season.
Ryan- you did it because you were mad at Byron. (He pauses looking at Damon's face that's growing mad)(Byron looks at them so does everyone else)
you know for sleeping with your sister.
(Damon punches Ryan in the gym Ryan falls coach grabs him)
Damon- you've lost your mind!
(Tyler grabs Damon and backs him up as coach helps Ryan up)
Ryan- no need to punch anyone you already ruined the gym.
Coach- what the hell is going on with you Damon? Both of you. (looking at Ryan)
Damon- I didn't do this coach.
Coach- look clean this mess up. No more fights or both of you are gonna be in trouble.
(Damon helps clean up with the other player so does Ryan)(Tyler looks at Damon as they clean)
Tyler- so you really didn't do this?
Damon- why would I Ty. You know me. He's lying.
Tyler- yeah I believe you. But you and Byron have been having some problems with each other lately.
Damon- but I would never take it out on the team. Or the school. (they continue to clean)
(The next day Damon walking down the halls everyone is talking about him as he passes they shoot him looks and they whisper he gets to his locker he opens it and grabs his books Trinity walks up)
Trinity- hey.
Damon- how bad is it? (not looking at her)
Trinity- well everyone's gotten wind of your gym wrecking. And the punch you put on the coach's son.
(Damon sighs)
Trinity- it's pretty bad. (Damon looks at her)
Damon- I didn't wreck the gym. Ryan's framing me.
Trinity- why? (looking concerned)
Damon- I don't know. I'm not gonna worry about it I think he's mad because I smoked him at a one on one game last week.
Trinity- hmm. just be careful.
Damon- always.(she touches his shoulder she starts to walk off Damon calls to her) hey you seen Anna today?
Trinity- yeah she was at lunch but I didn't get a chance to talk to her. Sorry.
Damon- thanks. (he closes his locker and goes the opposite way Trinity going Anna appears out of the classroom looking at Trinity)
Trinity- I hate lying to him you know.
Anna- sorry but I can't face him right now.
(Anna and Trinity walking in the hall)
Trinity- he told you he loved you. What'd you say?(Anna looks at her) oh wait you didn't say anything you just stood there till he left.
Anna- I wanted to say something.
Damon- so why didn't you? (Anna and Trinity looks at Damon standing behind them)(he looks at Trinity) you're not a good liar.
Trinity- I'm losing my touch. (she walks off leaving them alone)(Anna looks at the ground)
Damon- you're avoiding me? That's the last thing I need when everybody thinks I sabotaged the gym.
Anna- yeah I heard about that. Sorry.
Damon- Anna I told you I loved you last week. You haven't even been returning my calls or my emails.
Look if this is about last week on the sofa.
Anna- Damon? (looking at him she reaches out and holds his hand)(Ryan walks up)
Ryan- Damon? (Damon looks at him so does Anna)
No hard feelings right? (Damon drops Anna's hand and faces Ryan)
Damon- no hard feelings? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't beat you to death?
Ryan- I'm the coach's son.(with a sly grin)
(Damon lunges at Ryan but Anna grabs him)(Ryan smiles and walks off)
Anna- what's going on with you and Ryan?
Damon- nothing. Let's just talk about us. (looking at her)
Anna- there's nothing to talk about. Damon- what? (looking lost) I told you I loved you.
Anna- I know I heard you.
Damon- you told me you were looking for something more than sex.
Anna- but clearly you're not.(Damon looking at her confused) I want commitment.
Damon- what do you think being in love is?
Anna- Damon? Are you sure you're not just saying that to have sex with me?
(Damon looks at her like he thinks she's lost her mind)
Damon- yeah I'm sure. Why are you so scared to trust me?
Anna- I'm not. (looking at him mad)
Damon- I love you. I know how I feel about you. I'm not just saying this. (Anna looks down) When you're ready to talk let me know. (he walks off leaving Anna thinking)(Anna turns to go to her locker she sees Trinity by her locker waiting for her)
Trinity- I don't get it.(Anna opens her locker) He finally says what you want and you're not happy.
Anna- love's complicated.
Trinity- that's bull Anna.
Anna- what do you want me to say Trinity?! That I love him? Because I'm not so sure anymore.
(Anna looking at Trinity)(Trinity looks at her)
Trinity- I'm gonna break my promise to Damon and tell you what he said about how he really felt about you. (Anna looking at her) He said he fell in love with you at the play. He always knew it. He said he was scared because he wasn't sure of how you would feel about him.
Anna- so he's been in love with me all this time?
Why didn't he say anything? (her voice calmer now)
Trinity- the same reason you didn't. (Anna looks at her then she looks down)(Damon walks into coach's office coach at his desk)
Damon- hey coach Tyler said you wanted to see me.
Coach- yeah sit down. (Damon sits in the chair)
Damon- Coach if this is about the gym.
Coach- no son this is about you. (Damon looks at the coach confused)(the coach positions himself to get closer to Damon) Look I'm not blaming you for the gym. Because it's all he said. There's no evidence. But the prinicpal is looking into it. It is vandalism on her part.
Damon- look coach I promise you I had nothing to do with this.
Coach- I believe you Damon. (bell rings) Get to class. (giving him a pass Damon takes and sees Byron in the gym grabbing his bookbag)
Damon- hey By wait up! (running up to Byron who isn't looking at him)
Byron- so are you talking to me now?
Damon- okay I deserve that.
Byron- if you don't trust me with Haley just say so. (looking at Damon)
Damon- it's not that. I'm mad because of the whole sex thing. I mean you guys are getting too serious too quick.
Byron- don't you think I know that? (looking at Damon) she got a tattoe Damon. I mean that shows she's really serious about us. And it freaks me out.
Damon- why?
Byron- because even past all the sex and the tattoe. I'm not ready for the same things she's ready for. (Damon looks at him)
(Later that day Damon in the library Anna walks in and see him there she's about to go out the door but she stops and looks back at Damon then she heads over to him)
Anna- hey?
Damon- hey. (looking at her before looking back at his work)
Anna- you need some help with that it's looks a little hard.
Damon- no thanks. I got to head out anyway. (grabbing his books he puts them in his bag)
Anna- can we talk first?
Damon- you don't have to explain anything. Maybe you're not ready for the same things I am.
Anna- what? (looking at him)
Damon- I'm looking for love. And you're too scared to admit how you feel.
Anna- that's not true.
(Damon looks at her)
Damon- then go ahead. Tell me. (Anna looks around lost for words)(Damon looks at her for a second then he grabs his book bag and heads out the room)
(Anna sighs)
(After school Haley walks to Byron's house and sees Byron on the ponch steps sitting there)
Haley- hey. (Byron smiles at her) you said on the phone you wanted to talk?
Byron- yeah. Let's go inside.
(he gets off the stairs talking her by the hand they go inside Byron's house and they head to the living room they sit down on the couch Haley looking a little worried now)
Haley- Byron you making me worried whatever it is that's got you worried. We can work it out.
Byron- Haley. (looking at her frustrated)(he gets off the couch and looks at Haley's worried face)(Haley and Byron looking at each other in the living room)something's happened Haley. (looking down)(Haley looks at him)
Haley- Byron what's going on?
Byron- this thing with us. It's too serious.
Haley- what? (not understanding)
Byron- you're fourteen. I'm seventeen. In a year I'll be heading off to college you'll be in high school. How do we make that work?
Haley- we just do. I mean it'd be some adjusts but we'd be together. Why are you acting like this?
Byron- everything with us is getting too serious too quick.
Haley- that's because I'm serious about you. (she gets up and grabs his hands) Byron if you're not serious about me like I am about you then maybe this isn't going to work between us.
Byron- maybe it's not. (looking in doubt)
Haley- so are we breaking up? (looking hurt)
Byron- I don't want to. (Haley lets go of his hands)
Haley- so what do you want? What do you want from me, or from us.
Byron- I don’t know. (thinking)
Haley- What do you want us to be?
Byron- I don’t know, Haley. I just... I can't answer that right now.
Haley- I can. I want us to be together.(Completely sure.) Because I love you. And I know you love me. Look just call me when you want to talk. (she heads to the door Byron watches her walk out)(Haley sitting on the couch thinking when Damon walks in)
Damon- hey Hales. You okay?
Haley- did you talk to Byron today? (looking at him as he walks closer to her)
Damon- briefly not long. Why? something wrong?
Haley- we talked today and all of a sudden he thinks we're too serious. Wonder where he got that from? (looking at Damon)
Damon- not me. (walking into the kitchen Haley follows him mad)
Haley- so all of a sudden he just thinks we're too serious all on his own. (standing in front of Damon. Damon annoyed rolls his eyes) You're unbelievable.
Damon- I didn't say anything to him. I was trying to talk to him like you wanted me too.
Haley- I don't believe you.
Damon- then don't. (Haley sees that he doesn't care she grows more mad and more hurt)
Haley- he's gonna break up with me because of you.
Damon- wha- (tears fill her eyes as she starts banging him in the chest repeatedly)
Haley- I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! (Damon finally grabs her wrists stopping her)(She shakes his grip making him let her go) Next time you see me don't talk to me. (leaving him she runs upstairs to her room)(Damon looks a little hurt)
(The next day in class Tyler and Damon in drama class Tyler looks at Damon)
Tyler- so are we still best friends?
Damon- yeah of course why?
Tyler- you're not really talking to me today.
Damon- yeah I had a really bad day yesterday.
Tyler- well I'm here if you want to talk.
Damon- thanks Ty. (Bell Rings Damon heads into the hall with Tyler they walk up to Damon's locker)
Tyler- so what's going on with you and Byron?
Damon- I don't know this whole thing with Haley and him is getting complicated.
(Tyler leans up against the locker with his arms crossed)
Tyler- what's with them?
Damon- Haley thinks I'm trying to broke them up. Byron thinks I'm trying to keep them apart. When the whole time Byron not even sure that he wants to be with Haley. He claims Haley's getting too serious too quick.
Tyler- but isn't that what Haley claimed you said?
Damon- why are you on my sister's side?
Tyler- oh come on you said that Damon. Besides from Haley's point of view I think someone should be on her side.
Damon- then why don't you date her? (Damon looks at him as he closes his locker)
Tyler- would you treat me like Byron?
Damon- you aren't being serious are you?
Tyler- only half. I don't date younger girls only older women. Not matter how hot your sister is.
Damon- my sister is hot? Funny Ty.
Tyler- who's joking? (Damon looks at him a little mad) she's cute in that whole brainy way. (Damon's expression doesn't change as Ryan walks up with some boys behind him)
Ryan- hey Damon. Want to finish what you started before?
Damon- why are you causing all this trouble?
Ryan- because you're the captain. That and you think you're better than me.
Damon- I never thought I was better than you.
Ryan- what about that one on one game?
Damon- we were playing for fun.
(Byron and more basketball players walk up behind Tyler)
Tyler- tell me something Ryan? are you bipolar or what?
(Ryan grows mad as Tyler laughs and the basketball players laugh too)
Ryan- don't push me Tucker.(Tyler stops laughing and he tries to hit Ryan but Damon and Byron hold him back)
Tyler- who are you calling Tucker? (Damon lets go of him as the basketball players pull him back)
Ryan- Damon you're captain maybe you should get your girls under control. You know kind of like you have Anna. (Damon face tightens) I mean why would she want to have sex with a dog with fleas. She may catch something.
Damon- you son of a- (he punchs Ryan then he starts to punch him on the ground a teacher walks by and tries to grab Damon then the coach shows up they pull Damon off Ryan. Ryan has blood on his lip the prinicipal walks by)
Prinicipal- both of you my office!
(Damon and Ryan look at him)(Outside the prinicpal's office Tyler and Byron waiting Ryan walks out first)
Ryan- hello ladies waiting for me?
Tyler- get out of my face Ryan. Cause if you start with me you'll be heading back in there only this time with a concussion.
Ryan- you boys better watch your back. Cause Damon has finally pushed me too far. And when I get revenge I show no mercy on no one. (sending a glance to Byron then Tyler)(Ryan walks off)
Tyler- he may be coach's son but I'll be expelled if he ever tried to hit me.
(Damon walks out)
Tyler- how bad is it?
Damon- I'm suspended for two weeks. And I'm benched the first five games of next year's season because this wasn't the first time I hit Ryan. (they head to Damon's locker)
Tyler- this sucks.
Damon- no for you. I'm captain how's that supposed to make me look my senior year.
(opening his locker)
Tyler- Ryan threatened us when he came out the office.
Damon- what'd he say?
Tyler- the revenge he gets on you he's showing no mercy.
Byron- to no one. (adding)
Damon- I'm not worried about Ryan. What's the worst he can do?
Tyler- so when does your sentence start?
Damon- tommorrow. I got to come by and get my assignments from teachers then the coach wants to see me before I leave the school in his office.
Tyler- well I could arrange the team jumping Ryan after school tommorrow.
Damon- thanks but this is my battle with Ryan I don't want you guys in it.
Tyler- well it's a little too late for that.(he waves as he turns to leave)
Byron- Haley's mad at me huh?
Damon- no actually she's mad at me. She thinks that you're gonna break up with her because of me.
Byron- it's just that you're kind of right about the whole us being too serious thing.
Damon- so this is about what I said. (looking at Byron) if you break up with her she'll never talk to me again.
Byron- I'm not breaking up with her.
Damon- so why are you making her think you are?
Byron- Damon? we haven't talked right since you found out I was dating Haley. I don't know. I thought if you thought I was breaking up with Haley then maybe you'd talk to me again like before when we were bros. (Byron looks down)
Damon- we're still bros. (Byron looks at him)
I guess I was being overprotective of Haley. I don't know I guess when I found out that one of my best friends was dating my sister I freaked. I'm sorry By. But I do trust you with my sister. Haley loves you and you love her. And I'm gonna step aside and let you two be together.
Byron- no tricks.
Damon- none whatsoever.
Byron- thanks. (they exchange a handshake)
Damon- but um the brother rule still stands you break her heart I break your neck.
Byron- fair enough. (they laugh Anna walks up) hey Anna?
Anna- hey Byron.
Byron- I'm gonna go see Haley now and explain to her everything.
Damon- thanks. (Byron walking away Damon looks at Anna who's looking at him)
Anna- fix something.
Damon- always. (they share a brief smile) I wanna apologize to you.
Anna- for what you didn't do anything.
Damon- yeah I did. I pressured you when I said I wouldn't. I'm sorry.
Anna- I'm sorry I've been shutting you out this week.
Damon- it's okay it's actually given me a chance to fix some things. (closing his locker)
Anna- and cause others. I heard about your fight with Ryan. (looking at him worried)
Damon- yeah I got suspended.
Anna- I thought you said nothing was going on with you and Ryan.
Damon- yeah well I didn't think something was going on either. (looking at her)
(Anna looks at him she leans into him and kisses him)
Damon- I have been missing that all week.(Anna then looks down)(Damon looks at her waiting for her to say something)
Anna- you were right I was scared.(smiling)I want everything you want.
(Damon backs up and looks at her)
Damon- I just want your heart.
Anna- (she puases she looks up at him meeting his eyes) you got it. (Damon grabs her hand and holds it in his they smile at each other)
(The next morning Anna and Damon in Anna's bed under the covers looking at each other)
Damon- was it what you expected?
Anna- and more.
(Damon kisses Anna they sit looking into each other's eyes)
Anna- I love you. (whispers) god I could love you forever.
Damon- too late. (showing his wedding ring)
Anna- oh god. (smiling) that wasn't a dream. We really got married last night.
Damon- yeah. my parents are gonna kill me. But I don't care. You're my family now.
Anna- and you're mine. And hey if your parents kick you out you can stay in this big house with me.
Damon- you parents will find out sooner or later too.
Anna- later for them. I got to get ready for school.(she gets up and runs her shower)(Damon looks at her in there)
Damon- hey we're married why don't we shower together? ( he goes into the shower with Anna)(Anna giggling)(Later Damon walks into his house his parents and Haley eating breakfast)
Damon- hey.
Mom- Damon? (looking worried)
Dad- where have you been? (looking mad)
Damon- getting married.
Dad- Damon this isn't a time for jokes.
Damon- no joke (showing his ring) I got married last night. (they all look stunned)
Mom- to Anna?
Damon- yeah.
Dad- Damon the prinicipal called us at work. You got suspended for getting into a fight with Ryan, the prinicpal's son.
Damon- yeah and no I'm not sorry for it.
Mom- I can't believe you got married last night. Why are you thinking? You're a junior in high school.
Damon- yeah mom and I'm also happy and in love for the first time. I'm not sorry I got married if that's what you want me to say.
Dad- Damon your future's in the toilet.
Damon- my future is set. It's in basketball and with Anna.
Dad- I hope you know what you're doing cause I don't.
Mom- it's your future and you control-
Damon- my fate I know mom.
(his parents leave the room in confusion)
(Damon looks at Haley)
Damon- you can't believe I'm married too huh?
Haley- hey it was bound to happen right?
Damon- so things with you and Byron-
Haley- -are fine. Thanks for talking to him.
(Damon hugs her)
Damon- I love you Hales.
Haley- why can't we have more scenes like this?
Damon- cause life's short. (he kisses her forehead)(he grabs some toast)
Haley- Damon promise me something. (looking at him)
Damon- anything Hales. (Haley looks at him)
Haley- promise me that everything will be okay with me and Byron.
Damon- it will. He loves you and you love him. And love will get you through anything.
(Haley hugs him)
Haley- I got to get to school I'll see you later.
Damon- okay. (letting her go she grabs her bookbag and heads out the door)(Damon eats some toast)(Later that day Damon comes out of class with Trinity and Anna)
Damon- a five page book report this sucks.
Trinity- hey you'll be at home to do it.(looking at them) For two weeks. (under her breath)
Damon- I heard that. (Anna looks at Trinity)
Anna- thanks again for being our witness at our wedding. You and Ty really helped us out.
Trinity- I still can't believe you two got married. (looking at them)
Damon- what better way to say I love you? (looking at Anna)(She kisses him)
Anna- I got to get to class. After school I'll meet you by my car. (looking at Damon)
Damon- okay. (they kiss quickly as Anna waves to Trinity and him and she runs off to class)
Trinity- wow you and Anna. Married.
Damon- you still in shock? (touching Trinity's shoulder)
Trinity- it's just the plan was for us to get married in old age.
Damon- sorry I fell in love early Trinity. (smiling)(Trinity playfully pushes him)
Trinity- don't worry I still love you.
Damon- you better. (Damon and Trinity joking) oh man I got to head to the gym. Coach left me this note saying how he wanted to see me at my locker)
Trinity- you better go then. You know how coach gets. He's not the make out in a closet type.
Damon- funny. We'll see about that smart mouth when I get back. (jokingly they laugh as Damon heads to the gym)
(Damon walks in with his bag and he starts to head to coach's office but he sees Ryan in the locker room doing something but Ryan doesn't see him Damon heads to the locker room)(Trinity sees coach coming up the hall toward her he looks mad)
Trinity- oh coach. Damon's on his way to your office right now.
Coach- Damon? Damon's suspended.(looking at Trinity)
Trinity- he said you wanted to see him. (looking confused)
Ryan puts something under the seat in the locker room Damon looks at him but Ryan doesn't see him he covers whatever's under the seat and then Ryan leaves the locker room Damon makes sure he's gone and then walks in the locker room he lifts up the little cover under the seat and he sees a little box with a light underneath it)
Damon- what is this? (in a quiet voice not knowing Ryan's behind him)
Ryan- it's a bomb. (Damon turns and sees him there)
(back in the hallway)
Coach- I never said I wanted to see Damon.
Trinity- someone put a note on his locker saying you wanted to see him. (looking at coach)
Coach- well sorry Trinity but it wasn't me.
(Trinity looks worried)
(Back in the locker room)
Damon- Ryan, why is there-
Ryan- shut up. (Damon looks at Ryan)
Damon- okay I don't understand. You're gonna blow up the entire school because you're mad at me.
Ryan- didn't you listen to your friends I'm gonna show no mercy to anyone. (Damon looks at Ryan and the bomb)
Damon- your father's in this building.
Ryan- doesn't matter in a minute he's gonna be without a son and a life. (Ryan looks at Damon's wedding ring) And you new wife is gonna become a widow.
Damon- I don't understand why are you doing this?
Ryan- that's why you're the captain. If one member on the team goes down you go with him.
(Damon looks at him)
Damon- you're not even a member of the team.
Ryan- I'm the coach's son close enough.
Damon- but you started all this. The fights, the smart remarks.
Ryan- and you could've just walked away. But you didn't. You see now nobody wins.
Damon- Ryan don't do this. (looking at Ryan worried)
(Back in the hallway)
Trinity- we got to get to your office something's not right. (her and the coach start walking to the gym)(Anna sitting in class looking at Damon's empty desk she smiles hurt knowing he's not there she wishes he was)(Then the class shakes and there's a loud explosion making the room fall apart people are screaming and trying to get out)(Outside the building people are looking at the school and the debris from the school Anna comes out the school and sees Trinity and the coach near the road)
Anna- Trinity?!
Trinity- Anna god I was so worried. (they hug) Tell me Damon's with you? (Anna face flashes with fear and confusion)
Anna- Damon was still in there? (fear and worry flash Anna's face)
Trinity- he said he was heading to the gym to see coach. Somebody left a note for him saying the coach wanted to see him it was a lie the coach said it was.I thought he'd be with you . I tried to make it to the gym that's when we felt the explosion and turned back.
(Trinity looks at the school the fire is still burning the blinds and shelves the window breaks as the fire moves through it and up into the sky.)
There’s a beat before the fire explodes)
Anna- oh my god. Damon. (Time pasts firefights, policemen and ambulances arrive on the scene Anna looks worried as the gym burns to the ground)(Tyler, Byron, Trinity and other students stand watching the school slowly burn to the ground)
Tyler- Damon's in there still?
Trinity- as far as I know.
(Haley and her parents arrive Haley runs up to Byron)
Haley- Byron? where is he? is he okay?
Byron- I don't know.
(Haley looks into the fire)(Firefighters trying to put the fire out Anna looks worried)
Anna- just let him come out please.
(they continue to watch the school burn to the ground)(Close-up of Byron's hand, at his side, as Haley slips hers into it and intertwines her fingers with his. Byron looks down for a beat but doesn’t say anything. Haley continues to look ahead nervously looking for her brother)(Everyone stands and watches the school go up in flames)(Damon's mother starts crying and his dad comfronts her Haley starts crying in Byron's arms)
(Tears fall from Anna's eyes as she watches the fire continue to burn)

(Two Weeks Later)

Anna's voice- That day was the most terrible day in my life. The fire that took Damon from me. They found his body in the gym next to Ryan's. Everyone knew Ryan started the fire and he took Damon's life with his own. The firefighters found his wedding ring and gave it to me. I cried and cried. I felt empty. Real empty. I finally was happy. I found happiness with Damon. Then just like that. Gone. (Anna sitting in front of Damon's grave) He was my everything. I loved him. I just wish he would have came out of that fire like he came into my life. I learned something from this though. Never take time for granted. Well never take anything for granted. You never realize what you have till it's gone. And I guess I had to learn it the hard way. (she takes her necklace off that's holding both their wedding rings on it and puts it on his grave) I'll always love Damon. Always and forever. So why can't forever start over today?

The End - Hoped You Guys Enjoyed It. Thanks To Everyone Who Read All Five Stories.

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