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by Leger~
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Entry for Dialog 500
"It's time to go onstage."

"I'm not ready!"

"The rent's due tomorrow. What else can we do?"

"But, but....I think I just spotted a sliver."

"No one is going to see! They'll be looking at me anyhow."

"Are you kidding? You know I'm the star! Without me this act would be dead."

"Look, Buddy, you're just a block of wood. I can get another chunk of wood anytime."

"Right! I'm the funny one. I'm the one that makes them laugh. You're just a hand."

"I don't think so. I could voice over on an orange and it would be funny. Let's go, curtain's going up."

"Fine, fine, just let me get this sliver. Hey, I said wait!"


"What a great show! Did you see them laugh? I sure can make them laugh, can't I..."

"I told you, it's not you Buddy, it's me. I'm the one projecting my voice. Let's get that straight."

"Well, I was the one moving my mouth."

"No, that was me. You're just a block of wood, remember?"

"I still say I'm the funny one."

"Okay, Buddy, you're the funny one."

entry for "The Dialogue 500
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