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by Riina
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A song about the Eclipse. PLEASE review!
In the dark of night
The moon shines so bright
The eclipse has come
The shadow of the stars are gone

The rain will start to fall
Override it all
A lonely cry
Echoes through the sky

The desire of power
Makes love grow slower
The eclipse is here
And so is the fear
A lingering smile
You're happy for a while

Oh, a faint touch
The feeling is too much
The sun will not rise
It’s hiding in disguise

For the love of our country
They’re setting out a bounty
The target of the day
Are everyone who likes to play

Come on kill them all
Give response to their call
Everyone’s afraid
Well, now it is said

As the soldier starts to kill
It gives the Lord the thrill
On the wage of war
Everyone breakes the law

The fire burns inside
There’s nowhere else to hide
Knocking on the door
I’m falling to the floor

Spend more money
Oh, my little honey
The stars fall all around
But there is no sound
Now we’re gonna die
I tell you it’s no lie

Our fate is decided
Our lives become divided
The world stop singing
That’s what the eclipse is bringing

There’s silence in the grave
Is it really worth to save…?
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