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If you want to sell it ... convince others of it ... practice this simple rule...
If you want my full attention, look me in the eye.
If you want me to hear every word you are saying, look me in the eye.
If you want me to understand,
Don't lead me by the hand
To your point of view.
I won't listen to you.

If you want me to buy your product, look me in the eye.
I will find you more believable, less likely to be telling me a lie.
If you want me to be excited,
I will probably be delighted
If I feel you care,
And you are looking there.

Don't look at my chest, or toward the floor.
You must do your best, to keep me from the door.
If you want to keep my attention,
Be careful not to show pretension.
I will be able to see,
If you're not real with me.

If you want to speak to my heart, first look me in the eye.
Convince me to see what you see; Look me in the eye.
You just may be surprised to find,
that it's easier to change my mind,
When this practice, you apply.
First, look me in the eye.

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