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When you must sit for long periods of time at a desk, a great chair is not optional...
I have begun the enjoyable pursuit of writing on a serious level. I write at my home computer, in my home office space, for hours on end. Perhaps, I should say..."for hours on my REAR-end!"

Beginning to feel the ill-effects of remaining seated on a less than soft surface for several consecutive hours, I was having special problems. Thankfully, my husband is a very kind-hearted sort who just yesterday took me to the local Staples and had me choose a new desk chair. I'm in Heaven!

This "High-Back Caressoft Executive Chair" by Situations was affordable and is wonderfully comfortable. It has relieved my special problems in just one day. The ultra-cushioned seat, lumbar support, the ease of adjustment, the padded arm-rests and the smooth rolling action of the casters, have improved my disposition - and even given me inspiration for this article! Now, that's a GREAT chair!

The chair was my Valentine gift. I would have received crab legs at my favorite restaurant...but I had been so crabby due to the loss of circulation in my own legs, that my husband changed his plans. Seat depth is very important when choosing a chair, especially one in which you will be spending long periods of time. This chair provides me with a seat depth of over 18 inches, which no longer causes my legs to go numb. I am able to get up from the seated position without having to wait for the blood flow to return to my lower limbs. It also provides me with a feature known as 'tilt tension', so when I want to lean back a bit to examine the piece I am working on, I can. Changing my position in this manner from time to time also helps to alleviate any pressure points. By putting a small foot rest under my feet, I am able to actually recline and the high-back of the chair supports my head and neck so well that I could (theoretically, of course) nap.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who must work at a desk. Whether you are the boss, or would just like to be...this chair will give you all of the support and comfort you desire, without hurting your budget.

The only down-side to having purchased the "High-Back Caressoft Executive Chair" by Situations, is that I am able to sit, so comfortably, for so long. It's great for my writing! It's not so great for the hubby who bought it for me!

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