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Don't take everything at face value.
Or, Rantings of a Lunatic

By Jack Loudermilk

I am so annoyed with these Americans who claim to stand for family values. They encourage family members to "do what is right and good." They even offer family counseling.

These people are against everything popular: violence, excessive drinking, vandalism, truancy, prostitution, child abuse, abandonment, unwed mothers, gangs, drugs, etc. They actually teach parents to take responsibility for the welfare and education of their children.

Can you believe the nerve of these people?

If we let them win, parents will involve themselves in their children’s education. Leave it alone, people. Today’s parents can’t afford to waste time.

Most kids don't need a formal education – on anything! Face it. Everywhere you go, if children are present, you hear profanity. They know the words. If not, they learn from adults they overhear in public or at home. We don't need 'goody-goody-two-shoes' telling us how to educate our kids. Our neighbors' kids handle that responsibility. Think about this: Who really taught you regarding sex?

If anything in society needs changing, let politicians handle it. We should only concern ourselves with those values-motivated citizens who encourage others to vote. Can you imagine what would happen if we all tried to participate? We’re talking about a traffic jam from hell! There's nothing wrong with allowing a few people to decide for the majority.

We also don't need a clear sense of values, nor a personal identity. We are a society of extremely unattached, uprooted and confused people. It keeps life interesting because we never know what's next. For instance, will the driver behind you try to run you off the road because you're not exceeding the speed limit? Will the person ringing your doorbell blow you away when you open the door? Will kids standing on the sidewalk bash in your skull so they can check your pockets for money? It's the drama that makes life worth living today.

Ever since this country's leaders involved us in Vietnam, we began developing and implementing a permissiveness philosophy for rearing children. The idea was to allow children to act out their emotions and passions without recourse. And it worked quite well.

Psychologists, sociologists, government officials, teachers, clergy and parents foolish enough to resist change, argued that too much permissiveness prevents the proper development of an integrated, disciplined personality. Instead of children learning traditional values -- patriotism, respect for parents, and duty to God -- they became egotistical; caring only for the pursuit of physical pleasure.

So; isn't "pleasure" what it's all about?

Discipline was too negative. We didn’t want our youth growing up with boundaries on their behavior; their creativity stifled.

That's the direction we chose decades ago. So why now are these moral fanatics trying to mess it up?

We have enough children growing into responsible adults. As for the rest, they’re out there - somewhere - keeping us on our toes and making life interesting.

Listen up weirdoes, society has spoken. We don't care about adding "meaning" to our lives. Just give us money - or power over others - and let us have fun. Our kids can care for themselves. How else will they develop character?
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