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by jaded
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A draft about feelings...
Smiling down on me…I can feel your smile, its warm in my heart…even if you’re gone, I know that you’re still right next to me, watching over me, protecting me and looking out for me. I can’t see you, but I can feel you, and from time to time I can hear your voice telling me that even if I fall, I can stand up once again.
Every time I fall, I get up because you help me get through, only you can mend my wounds. Yet I’m scared that one day your face will fade away, your voice will become a whisper and will disappear, still I cast my fears aside and I tell myself that life is the present, not the future nor the past.
I can find my way through the crowd, and I can swim the ocean by myself and I can get up and build my dreams out of ash, because within my heart I have you. Even though you are far away, your strength is here.
Some tell me to get over you because you died, but don’t mind them, they don’t understand the bond between us. Even if for them you are no longer here, for me you are here, your body is somewhere, but your soul is here, here inside me.
All my life I have been standing on a borderline, you helped me cross the line.
Together, we’ll walk through the darkness, we’ll make it turn to light. Together, we’ll make a second last forever. Together forever.
When all had walked out on me…You walked in…Nothing I regret, though there would be one thing, I regret spending so little time with you, and I can only console myself with memories, memories of what used to be.
Remember when we swore you and I will never die? You tried to break the promise, by leaving, you tried to trick me, but I understood that you didn’t die, you live, in my heart, because where I end you begin, we’re infinite.
I know you didn’t want to leave, but you had to, they said you’re in a better place, but I told them you’re still here, and they said I’m mad but I didn’t care because I know the truth, a truth they’ll never understand, but how can they? They just can’t.
I wrote all this to say I miss you, because you know, the worst way of missing somebody is when they’re right next to you, and you can’t touch them.
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