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A welcome "distraction" is brought on by an oncoming storm.
I’ve been sitting in the living room for a couple of hours now. The stereo is on low, a Royal Crown Revue track playing, supplying enough background noise to keep the silence from disturbing my groove. A side project is being worked on, the effort bringing a furrow to my brow as I hold my purple mechanical pencil between my lips. Sheets of paper lie around haphazardly, surrounding me as I sit on the couch, white “wife beater” tank top hanging over a pair of black denim jeans.

You promised me a few hours ago that you would leave me unmolested as I tried to get my work done. However, as I sit here, concentrating on my papers and tasting the unforgiving flavor of plastic against my tongue, I can sense that you’re regretting your previous decision. I hear you hovering in the background, watching my every move. I feel your eyes bathing me; hear your mounting frustration in every step that you take behind me. I can sense that you’re tired of being “ignored” and it brings a smirk to my face. By now, my hypersensitivity to your presence is serving as too much of a distraction for me to actually continue my work. No matter, this is getting to be more fun, any way.

Your energy is supplying images in my own mind; images that only further distract me from my earlier task. Our energies begin to do a dance of their own as I close my eyes and just allow the rest of my senses to clue me in to where you are and what you’re doing. I hear a sigh in the background. In my mind’s eye, you’re standing in the doorway behind me, eyes intensely watching me, investigating every curve, every angle, every nuance of the visible parts of my body. I see you standing there, leaning against the door’s frame, bottom lip being held firmly between your teeth, eyes flickering with a hint of lust and mounting energy. In the distance, I hear a long, low rumble, and I now know one of the reasons your energy is becoming increasingly easier for me to feel. A window to our far right stands slightly open, allowing a light breeze to enter the room. Some of my papers respond accordingly as I take a silent deep breath. The fragrant scent of flowers, accompanied by the smell of impending rain, heighten my awareness as well.

Thunderstorms drive you wild.

I hear your feet shuffle across the floor, “see” you as you walk to the nearest window to look outside. Your right hand cups your right breast, forefinger brushing across the rose-colored nipple as you watch a flash of lightning in the distance. You look back to the room I’m occupying. I feel your energy increasing, feel you struggling to keep your word. I can almost hear the conversation going on inside your head. I hear another low rumble, begin to feel your own rumbling as your desires begin to win your internal argument against your logic. I hear your feet shuffle across the floor with a purpose this time, feel your eyes boring into me, waiting for me to acknowledge the fact that you’re silently demanding my attention. I “watch” you teasing your hair, allowing your hands to slowly make a trail from your head, down your neck and to your breasts. I “watch” you start massaging them, hear your breathing becoming deeper, feel your eyes focusing on the back of my head, “hear” you silently demanding that I turn around.

The smell of flowers and rain becomes much stronger, the breeze coming through the window has become cooler and a louder rumble signals the encroaching closeness of the storm. I “see” you licking your lips as you squeeze your breasts harder, your forefingers massaging your firm, erect nipples. I notice the flicker of light from outside, “watch” your eyes roll back into your head, your jaw dropping to let a silent moan escape. Your energy is assaulting me, and by now, I’m sure that you’re fully aware of it. Even if I wanted to continue what I was doing, you’re making sure that it would be virtually impossible for me to do so.

I sit in silence, eyes closed, breathing deep. All other senses are at the ready. I hear your breathing, hear the rumbling of thunder, the sounds of Royal Crown Revue flowing from the miniature tower across the room. I smell flowers, water, coolness and the rubber from my pencil’s eraser. My hair stands on end, thanks to the breeze invading the window, a buzzing sensation in my fingers, a tingling sensation caressing my skin, a fluttery, full sensation in the pit of my stomach. My heart feels as if it’s being squeezed while being filled to bursting at the same time. I lick my lips as my mouth begins to water. I “see” you smile, your eyes intently spying on me as I succumb to your energy.

I know you feel me, because I sure as hell can feel you.

“Hey, Lover… Let’s go outside.”

Your voice has a hint of huskiness to it as I open my eyes and turn around. Hair down to your neck, a twinkle in your eye, I can’t help but notice that the white satin nighty that you’re wearing has ceased to conceal the fact that your nipples are reaching for my touch. Flushed pink cheeks with matching glow on your breasts clue me in to the fact that your appetite continues to grow. Our eyes lock, and I can see the naughtiness refusing to be contained any longer. Your bottom lip is sucked into your mouth as you lower your head, right hand rising toward me, fingers extended, palm down.

“Feels like we’re getting rain tonight, Lover.”

The innocence in your demeanor is betrayed by the intense sparkle of your eyes as they take on a darker hue. Your pupils dilate and your aura instantly changes before my eyes. I’m succumbing to your spell and it’s obvious that you’re relishing your impending victory.

Outside, I can hear the pitter-patter of the first coating of rain, followed quickly by a flash, the flickering of all of the lights in our place and a loud “BOOM!” The glee on your face after that thunderclap can’t be described. Neither can the fact that your inner imp is chomping at the bit to get some “play time” in.

I allow my purple pencil a resting place amid papers on the already cluttered table. As I stand, the bulge in my pants is highly evident. I can feel your mounting impatience as I walk around the couch, your right hand still extended as you meet me half way. In an instant, my left hand is grabbed and we’re nearly running out the door, a gleeful giggle escaping from your throat as another flash of lightning illuminates the sky. Another near-deafening crash of thunder is heard as we run from the safety of the porch, Mother Nature bathing our bodies with a light mist.

You lead me to one of a pair of lounge chairs in the yard, your giggling contagious. Before I can react, I’m pushed off balance, have no choice but to fall backward and try to avoid falling onto the lounge chair at an awkward angle. Mother Nature’s mist has become a full-blown rain now, soaking the white material that we’re both wearing to the point where it’s nearly invisible. Your hair is matted against your head and neck and the rain is starting to run down your face as you straddle me on the chair.

A playful gleam is in your eye as our noses touch, rubbing against each other before lips slide against each other, making way for tongues to dance together. I feel you struggling to control the motion of your hips as your hands caress the sides of my face. My fingertips slide up and down your sides, to the small of your back, where they intertwine. I pull you closer to me, feeling the coolness of the rain and the air, combined with the increasing warmth of your own body against mine. Both our energies increase, my cock struggling against my pants as you start dry humping me. Warmed rain falls from your body onto my own; teeth clash as our mutual hunger begins to take control. My fingers unlace, slide down your sides, to your hips, down your thighs, finding the seam of your nighty. Following my cue, you lift up slightly, allowing me to slide your nighty upward. Fingertips brush against skin as the rain-drenched satin protests its removal. I feel your excitement mount as the rain touches bare skin; feel your energy increase as Mother Nature touches you directly. I feel your mounting lust, “shown” to me through the grinding of your pussy against my erection. My fingers stop at the side of your breasts, thumbs tracing the outline as you hold yourself up. You suck your bottom lip into your mouth, holding your breasts out toward me, rain traveling from your neck, down your breasts and your stomach, pooling in the space between your body and my own.

You sit up, grabbing my hands and putting them on your breasts before completely removing your nighty.

“They’re yours, Lover… Take them.”

Erect pink nipples peek through the space between my thumbs and forefingers, inviting me to give them more focused attention as your hips continually move. I feel fingernails sliding up and down my skin, underneath my tank, moving in time with your hips. My tank is lifted, my chest showered with rain and kisses as I massage your breasts, index fingers tracing circles around your nipples in the process. You tug on my tank, pulling it toward you, signaling that it’s time for the shirt to come off. I lift up slightly, allowing your hands access to my back, where they nearly rip the tank off me. Seeing my opportunity, I squeeze your right breast, pinching your nipple and caressing it with my tongue. I hear you moan, feel your nails digging into my chest momentarily as your back arches. I feel the warmth radiating from your pussy through my jeans. I suck your nipple into my mouth, holding it between clenched teeth before flicking the tip of my tongue against it. My left hand travels from your breast to your right ass cheek, palming it and squeezing. You wrap your arms around my head, squeezing hard as you grind your pussy into me. I feel teeth begin to slide against the side of my neck, hear moans as I feel your body stiffen. A loud sigh escapes, your hips move faster as your left hand moves to my ass. I hear a yelp escape as your hips move even faster. You grab the sides of my head, kiss me passionately.

Dilated pupils in intense green eyes bore into my own. I’m pushed back against the chair, told not to move, feel fingers fumbling to open my drenched jeans. Those jeans are peeled off, nearly refusing removal from my legs, thanks to our “shower.” I see the imp in you come to life as you admire my cock for a moment before locking on my eyes once more. Your right hand grips my shaft, left fingers massaging my balls as you kiss the tip of my cock. A smirk on your face, you begin sliding your tongue against the tip, prompting my cock to nearly jump while in your hand. Tongue slides against sensitive skin as you tenderly handle my cock. My eyes roll back into my head as I feel your tongue slide against the bottom of my shaft, caressing the veins. A trail of kisses move up my shaft, the tip of my cock sucked into your mouth. I feel your tongue playing at my “eye,” your hand slowly sliding up and down my shaft. Your hand moves quicker, your mouth sucking harder on the tip. I’m beginning to squirm now; your mouth and hands feel so good on me. Your head begins to move more, sucking more of my cock into your mouth, your hand gripping me more firmly. I grip the sides of the chair, holding them as tightly as I can, getting lost in the feeling of what you’re doing to me. I begin to feel that tightness in my balls, that tension in the pit of my stomach, the recoiling feeling at the base of my dick. You suck harder. I can’t take it… Won’t take it any more, pushing you off.

Before you can react, I’m pushing you down to the wet grass, putting your legs on my shoulders. Holding my cock with my left hand, I part your pussy lips with the tip, slide it up and down before finding my desired spot. Slowly, I start pushing the length of my cock inside you, pushing my weight against you as you kiss my chest. My body weight resting on my hands, arms fully extended, I push in, pull out… Push in, pull out… Trying to make sure that you get the full sensation of my now-throbbing manhood sliding in and out of you. I feel your pussy gripping me, hear your moans and pleas for me to take you, make love to you, fuck you. I’m getting lost in the feeling of you, your energy, pumping faster in the process. I adjust my weight, allow you to straighten your right leg. Wrapping my left arm underneath your right arm and around your right shoulder, I ram my dick into you as hard as I can, feeling the beginnings of my orgasm. The rain running down my body and onto yours… The warmth and snugness of your pussy around my cock… Your moans… The feel of your nails digging into my back, your hand palming my ass… The feel of your energy as my body moves toward sensory overload… All combined push me over the edge.

I stop in mid-stroke. I’m forcing myself to breathe as I feel my cock begin to spasm, feel my spine go rigid. Eyes roll back into my head, then close tightly, jaw clenches, muscles tighten. I feel that “release,” begin to pump into you furiously, trying to let you feel me, inside and out… Get you to feel what I’m feeling right now. I feel you pushing yourself back against me, your hand pulling me into you as well. Bodies slide against each other effortlessly… As one. I still can’t breathe, getting lost in the feeling of my body giving in to your own. Spent, my orgasm waning, I adjust my weight once again, allowing you to straighten your left leg. You wrap your legs and arms around me, kiss me as you grind your hips into me, using your legs to continue pulling me into you, pushing me back away from you. We kiss passionately, Mother Nature continuing to shower us as our personal storm calms down. We lie there, kissing repeatedly, just feeling each other’s bodies as our hearts beat in unison, speaking to each other in a language that only lovers know.
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