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by Gaby
Rated: 18+ · Non-fiction · Personal · #1085527
Things you, apparently, want to know about me :)
*Flower3*          ~          *Flower1*          ~          *Flower3*

You stopped by here for a reason, am I right? *Bigsmile*

A trip to New York

Yes, the first thing you saw was me. *Pthb* I don't know who the girl is though. *Wink*
It's my Portfolio, I can put up anything I want, maybe even your picture. *Wink*
But, if you stopped by to get to know me better.. read some more and enjoy your stay.

"The long Journey This would be the short version of my life up until now. Check it out!


Actually it's rude to ask a lady her age, but here it is anyway 28, 32, 35. *Sad* Oh, how the years go by.


Female (a tomboy at heart)


November 10th, Scorpio; and proud of it! Even got a tattoo to prove it.. can't show it. *Bigsmile*


I hardly ever wear make up but you don't want to see me in the morning!

Hair color:

Originally, brown. Then black, violet, blond, orange.. I get bored easily.


Dark brown (didn't dare to change that)


5'5 or 5'4 the people who gave me my drivers license keep making me shorter! *Angry*


This is a question no one should ever ask! Ever!

Favorite color:

Blue, most of the time

Languages spoken:

Bosnian (Serbo-Croatian), German and English (these days mostly English only). I'd like to learn many more but I'm too lazy to do it


A former Dental Assistant. Six years later, I went in a completely different direction and decided to be a Flight Attendant. Both jobs were cool and educational, to say the least. At the moment, my husband and I work alongside his parents. They own a Slaughterhouse and also opened up a Butcher Shop, which is where I currently work. *Ax*

Bad habits:

I love to eat! However picky I am, sweets and junk food are on my top list of foods. Coca-cola is right there next to it. *Laugh* I can't wake up without it.

Good habits:

I'm a very responsible person. I care a lot about other people; sometimes it's not such a good thing, but I can't help it.

Favorite foods:

Wasn't I just talking about this? *Laugh* Italian food. Anything pasta!

Food I don't like:

Vegetables! Yuck! No Chinese! *Sick* Two bad experiences were enough to tell me not to eat that food again.

Favorite time of year:

Depends on the country. I'm starting to love the hot, humid summers in Missouri. Winters are the best in Germany. Lots of snow. I would still pick autumn over other seasons.

Favorite City/Cities:

With all my traveling, it's hard to decide. Each city has something different, even though most big cities seem so much alike. I love Burlington, Vermont, and Portland, Maine in the summers. They are nothing alike though. Burlington reminds me a lot of Europe. It even smells like it; the air is clean, fresh, with trees and woods everywhere around. It's a quiet city where people preserve everything and anything they can. Church Street is a great place to do some shopping and walking around and you'll get the feel you're in Europe because the street is closed up for cars. It's a very environment-friendly city with a beautiful scenery.

Portland on the other hand, has the smell of salt in the air mixed with a hint of fresh fish by the harbor. The old Port, which is the old downtown of Portland, has plenty to offer. shops of all sorts, restaurants that offer more than just seafood, the fish market, faeries which will take you to the islands, local bars; all kinds of quirks. It's a friendly place to visit. Although, if you don't like the cold, avoid both these places in winter time. It can get brutal.

San Francisco is a place we don't travel to but I had the chance to spend a few days there on vacation and I have to say that that city is all that it's cracked up to be. The reason why I wanted to visit that particular city was ignited by reading too many Daniele Steel books. I could always picture the place but never in the world have I imagined it to be so beautiful. The weather isn't your picture perfect summer time. The wind is chilly and it rarely gets over 80 degrees but the view of the city on a clear day is amazing. I have to admit I fell in love with it at first sight. I stayed for four days and I still didn't manage to see it all so I'm hoping to go back again, sometime.

Chicago is also a place one really should visit. The Sears Towers who are apparently about to change the name, are amazing and the view is a little bit different than I'd thought, but I'll let you decide for yourself when you go there. There are plenty of places to see once you get to Downtown and one day isn't going to be enough.

There are many more places I'd recommend, like San Antonio, the River-walk, Denver, Norfolk, Virginia, Jacksonville, Florida as well as some other but it'd be too much to write it all here.

Sports I like:

It changes from time to time. I try not to get too involved into any of them lately.

Sport I hate:

American Football (sorry!), dislike Boxing - never saw the point of that sport, and I'm getting tired of the Cards. That's right!

Sports I was involved in:

Tennis, Karate, Folklore (dancing), running

Activities I still do:

Tennis was always a big passion so I do it whenever I get the chance. Bike riding, Skating, Rollerblading

Other hobbies:

Reading will always be the biggest passion of all. I have over thousands of books in my house and I love the fact that I can just pick one out and read it whenever I feel like it. I hate libraries. My problem is returning the books I love. So, instead of going to library, I buy my own and keep them. There's nothing better than the smell of a book and no matter how many gadgets people come up with to read a book through a computer, I'll never buy it. It simply isn't the same.

I'm a collector you could say. I have numerous key chains from different places, as well as snow-globes and shot glasses. I learned to slow down though. *Bigsmile* It can get expensive. Love to work with beads and make friendship bracelets as well. Scrap-booking is a lot of fun, too, as long as I have the time. Making those can be very time consuming and I'd hate to make it just to make it.

Things I like to do when I have a minute of free time:

As you can see I have plenty of things to keep me busy. Still, there's always time to find other things to preoccupy a person. I discovered that I enjoy cooking. Living at home, yes, even at this age, I don't really get a chance to do much of it, but I do it whenever mom can't. I've also realized that I don't go by the cook book. I think of something and simply add the indigence that seem to work with it. So far, no one has complained about my cooking. Guess you could say I like to experiment. *Bigsmile* Thankfully, it turns out good every time.

Books I like:

Romance would be my #1 choice when it comes to books. I am a big dreamer after all and historical romance is something one doesn't really get to experience. Books that contain anything out of the ordinary such as magic, non-existent, vampires, I enjoy reading it. Stephen King has managed to creep into my collection and I have to say, I love the way he writes. Diana Gabaldon is on my favorite list at the moment!


Anything! No docu/drama. Favorite movie I'd say 'Only you' with Robert Downey Jr. and Marissa Tomey, just because it's a fairy tail in modern life. There are better movies, action movies included.

Favorite actor:

The one and only Johnny Depp *Blush* There are many great actors, I just chose this one, because I've had a crush on him for the longest time ever.

Favorite actress:

Tough one. Jodie Foster and Kathrine Zeta-Jones possibly.

Things I like or enjoy:

I have a very playful personality. I'm also the 'go with the flow' kind of gal. I enjoy anything romantic, fun, exciting. I'm not much of a dare devil, but I like to try things out that seem out of my league. Life itself is something one should enjoy. I love presents that don't require a special occasion. Little things in life make me happy.

Things I hate:

Hate is such a strong word! I don't waste my time hating.

Animals I like:

Cats, dogs (especially Huskies), dolphins, tigers, koala bears

Animals I'm afraid of:

No way am I telling you this! You might want to scare me!


Full of life! If you can sweep me off my feet, I'll follow you to the end of the world. The simple moments are the most precious ones in my life. Enjoying life to the fullest for as long as I can.

A note from the Author:

You can comment, judge, whatever makes you happy.

I can be very difficult at times, but more often than not, I'm a fun person to be around. *Bigsmile* You don't have to share my view on anything, but that's what makes us special and individual.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1085527