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How do I love thee? Let thee count the ways...-Elizabeth Browning
"Hi" was the first thing he said to me.
His name was Kevin. He meant so much to me. In my entire life, I thought I could love no man anymore than him. He was funny, nice, sweet, all of the above.
My friends all thought he was ugly. Truth was, Kevin was overweight. But to me, I didn't care. I love him. He was my chocolate teddy bear. My friends didn't really like him also beacause he was always cutting jokes on my with his best friend Anthony. They always say that I deserve better. "He doesn't respect you, not even as a friend. Get over him!
But there is one thing that attracts me to him. I don't know what it is, but there is just this one special thing that makes me love him.
But my friend Marie always tells me that there is somebody out there for me than him. Frakly, I am getting sick and tired of it! This is my 13- year old life, and I have the riht to choose who I love, not them! And I love Kevin, nobody will ever change that!
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