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It's best to make sure you can come through on your promises before you make them!
" Are you qualified to write a review? " my best friend asked.

"I don't know..." I replied despairingly. "Do you know what time it is? It about time for a trip to the dentist. "

"Oh, come on!" my exasperated friend exclaimed. Who could blame her? She'd been crafting poetry since before I was in elementary school. She has intellectual property discussions , and I try " putting the cart before the horse ", as she calls my get rich quick schemes where I invest the money I haven't got yet.

"Look, you took this job. I'm sure we can get it done." I noticed the "we". She's always helping me out. Then she glanced at her watch. "Oh no! I'm going to be late for the Teen Angel meeting! We're going to plan the Homecoming Queen celebration for Katie !" And she rushed off, leaving me no better than when she came.

When I'm depressed or bored, I get online and surf the web. It doesn't usually help much, either. This time I did a search for reviewing. If you're wondering, my latest scheme is to start a reviewing business of my own. The problem is that there are too many people wanting to help me out. I'm swamped, and I don't even know the first thing about reviewing. What's more, I've got major grammar and punctuation problems . My friend helps me out with them in every-day life, and refrains from excess comments. She doesn't believe in casting stones , thank goodness!

When she got back, she got a real shock. I was frightfully cheerful and excited. I was also yappy.

"I found this great place it's called writing.com and I was went sailing into Jessie's port and she's got the best public journal and she does dynamic dialogue and--"

I said it just like that. No punctuation. Obviously she stopped me before I blew her ear drum to ask me what on earth I was talking about. I shoved her into the chair by the computer and declaimed: " Res Ipsa Loquitor !" To which she said: "What?" Latin had never been one of my accomplishments, so she was understandably surprised.

"The thing speaks for itself. Check it out!"

Then that perverse cat jumped up and hit the X in the corner of the Netscape screen. Fortunately, I got it back up. We ooo-ed and aaawww-ed over WDC for an hour. Then She had to run home because it was dinner time and I decided that June might not be too late for spring cleaning after all...

Ever since then, I've learned a lot about reviewing, grammar, punctuation, all that writing stuff. And pehaps I've learned about coming through on my contracts, too. It sure was awful to have a scheme I couldn't do come out "better" than I'd expected!

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