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by Soukup
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just a poem..title says it all i guess.. review por favor
Ignore me Mistakes...

I dream to be loved
all i want
is to be number one in
your eyes.
Yet here i am,
hopelessly dangling
at the bottom
of your food chain,
Always the outkast.
Good deeds
continue to go
Reality is my nightmare
always trying to
do my best
and when i falter,
whenever I make
one tiny mistake,
my world crashes
farther down
I can't breathe
Your killing me
with all you do
Why must it always be
my MISTAKES that
constantly get
Dont i try?
I succeed,
yet no
word of praise
just feeling like
a lost toy
that doesnt want
to be found,
just left to die
with the memories
fading away until
I am just the wind,
passing by your window.
You hear it,
yet ignore its wailing
after all,
It's only the wind.
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