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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #1094075
a 10 year old girl falls into a demonic world and must find the will to survive it


Death had become a common thing during this time. Friends and allies had all fallen to the wrath of the mighty demons that terrorized the human race. The sun had not shone since the war began 50 years ago. Since then only an eerie pale light from the moon made it possible for the humans to see their executers.
Humans were thrown into a battle that they could never win. Even though the humans outnumbered their enemies like leaves to trees, they still seemed to have no hope against such horrendous creatures. Their opponents had the advantage of strength that could not be reached by any mere mortal. The humans however still fought despite their predicament. They didn’t fight for anything that their enemies possessed or did they believe that they would ever win this war. Instead they fought for their lives and their loved ones, they fought for the chance of just one more day to live. It was all they had to fight for now. These immortal enemies had destroyed everything else: their hopes, their dreams, and everything that they loved. Everything had become destroyed in this vicious war. The world was no more than a lifeless rock that drifted in the universe, but still the humans fought.
Thousands of lifeless bodies laid upon the ground, as blood seeped through their wounds. Other bodies had parts that didn’t have a body to belong to, and some were now only gray ashes that drifted with the wind. Screams of the dying victims echoed through the thick darkness like a thousand knives. This land had become a graveyard for all those that had been sacrificed for the demons own amusement.
Try as they might no human could hide from the rage of those whose intensions was to murder them. Women and children were all brought into this miserable man-slaughter and there was no chance of survival for those to weak to fight or those who had no one to protect them, and not even surrender was an option.
“Demons” was the only word that could describe their foes. These creatures were treacherous beasts that strived for the taste of human blood. It seemed hopeless for the humans to even try against the power of their mighty adversaries. These creatures of the night had become their ultimate predators.

Chapter I:
A Great Discovery

Shades of orange and reds flooded the evening sky as the sun slowly drifted behind the blackening mountains that stretched as far as the eye could see. Never in my life would I be able to witness a sunset like this one ever again. That’s what is so great about the sky, every time I look at it, there is always something new to witness. No matter how many sunsets I see there will never two that are exactly alike.
The sky appears as if it were a distant ocean, an ocean not meant to ever be reached. As if the sky had its own mind, it changes with its moods. Sometimes the sky will be crowded with large cotton-ball clouds floating carelessly, each with their own distinct shapes and sizes (its fun to see what shapes you can find). Other times there won’t be a single cloud in site and only a pale blue sky and a bright and beautiful ( I wouldn’t recommend staring at it for too long) sun can be seen.
However, the sky isn’t always in such a pleasant mood. Every once in awhile large strikes of light will flash spreading through the black ocean like branches of a tree followed by a piercing boom that can shake every house in the village (the sky must be pretty powerful it can make things move with only the sound of its voice). The moaning of the wind can get so strong that even the sturdiest of trees bends to the winds almighty wrath. Then another flash of lightning will appear and without warning a tremendous boom will become so loud that I have to hold my ears closed so I don’t go deaf. The whole thing continues until only a few sprinkled raindrops remain. I can’t help but notice how beautiful even the most deadly looking storms appear.
After my chores are done and the village has quieted down I sneak away from my home and climb to my favorite spot on the side of this mountain so I can gaze up at the beauty of the atmosphere. This is the one place that I can have time to myself. It was my brother who initially founded this location so it makes it all the more special to me.
Lugen is my older brother. Everyone says that my brother and I look a lot alike. We both have curly brown hair (mine is longer and lighter than his) with tanned skin and brown eyes. I think the only big difference is that I am 10 and he is 19 (and the fact that I am a girl and he is a boy).
Lugen is the kind of guy that loves to see others smiling. When he is here he is always playing around with all us kids in the village. The adults love him to pieces and are always saying how adorable he is. Although, the adults aren’t the only ones that think he is charming. I don’t know one girl in our village, even the ones that are my age that don’t have a crush on my brother. No matter how many people are around talking to him and asking him to do things. He always manages to find time to spend with me. My brother has this way of contributing his time with everyone and yet not making anyone feel left out, and speaks to every person with kindness. I don’t think I could name one person that doesn’t like my brother. He’s the greatest brother ever.
Unfortunately, it’s been three months since the last time I saw Lugen. I only wish that he didn’t have stay away for such long periods at a time. Every few months or so, he drops by to see me for a few days, and then he is gone again before I even have the chance to stop missing him. I hate that he is always away. My brother is one of the only people that I can really talk too (the only other people is kyrie and Nana but its limited to what I can say to them).
The suns absence is causing a slight chill in the air. I can only see a tiny glimpse of the remaining light among the horizon. Soon there will be no luminosity from the sun and our world will become dark. My brother always comes up here with me to look at the stars but I guess he is just going to miss out on another beautiful night. Or maybe he too is looking at the sky just as I am now. Before long the moon will be out and stars will be shinning like thousands of the most precious diamonds.
Looking down at the village I can see that most of the houses are still lit up by the flames from the flickering candles. The darker it gets outside the brighter the village becomes. Since all the houses in the village are connected to each other in a ring-like structure, it appears as if there is a large ring glowing in the darkness.
When I raise my hand in front of the village I can almost cover it completely. It may be small but I guess we don’t really need much space for the few people that live here. In the center of the ring of light there is a lovely fountain filled with sparkling blue water which is also in the shape of a hoop. The fountain is bordered with stones that rise just far enough off the ground for people to sit comfortably on. Then the rocks continue on to the sidewalk.
Our whole village was built with the natural materials that we found. I don’t remember the actual process of building, but apparently everyone was helping, including Lugen. All the homes are connected so that no one feels alone or separated from each other.
Our village lives off the fountain. If it wasn’t for it we wouldn’t have any water. There are four paths carved into the fountain. Water flows out from these slits and then continues on down the sides of the fountain like waterfalls. Each water route runs into one of the four tunnels so that it can be taken to its desired location within the village: one leads to the north for our gardens so that we can water our crops, the second and third runs to two separate hot springs one is to the east and the other is to the west so that the men and women can bathe separately from each other, and the last runs to the south and this is where we children usually play at after we are done with our daily activities. All the water tunnels then go directly to a channel that borders the inside of the mountains. Even from way up here I can still see the water throw a few sparkles my way now and then.
Two dark speck flash into my view which look as if they are dancing by the fountain. By the looks of it I would say that they are just kids(about my age) playing around. I’m sure that they will be brought in soon for bed. Nana will probably be calling me in for bed pretty soon, too. If it was up to me I would just sleep up here.
My Nana takes very good care of me, and she is probably the oldest person in the entire village (don’t tell her that I said that) and because of that people go to her for knowledge or guidance. So much has happened in the past. Things that time may be able to cover up but never heal.
All of their suffering is do to a tragic war that still continues on to this very day. The same war that my brother is fighting in right now, and that is why he is always gone. That is why we live in this village. These mountain protect us form the demons that live on the outside.
On occasion I have caught myself wondering about the mysterious of the other world. I only wish that I could see it for myself one day.
All the people in the village have their own hidden stories about the treacheries of the horrendous outside world almost all of them have witness the war. I have not witnessed any of these misfortunes or tragedies firsthand but I have had my losses. Both my mother and father died in the war before I was born so I never had the privilege of ever meeting them. My brother on the other hand was 9 when they died but he was too young to remember anything about them. He did tell me that my parents died as “heroes”. I wish that I could of at least seen what they look like.
I have wondered many times about my parents, but I don’t really feel that I miss them. I guess you can’t miss something you never had. My brother and my Nana are the only family that I have left (of course I have the people of the village too). Everyone in the village has lost someone near and dear to them. Some have lost more than others. Most are lucky if they have even one family member with them today. Others don’t have family members remaining, and here I am with two. Actually, I should consider myself fortunate because I still have family left. I guess that is why are village is like a great big family. Everyone kind of depends on one another for support.
The black sheet has been pulled over the sky and the moon can be seen in full blossom. I should return to my village before my Nana becomes worried. If I stayed here any longer I would fall asleep.
That’s when I saw the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my entire life. Looking over at the side of the mountain I seen a gorgeous stone. The stone shined as if it was made out of a blue light. Never before had I ever seen anything like it. Then the strangest thought accrued to me. How on earth did it get here? I have come to this spot a million times and there has never been a stone like that before.
I carefully got up to touch it but nothing happened. Then I tried to see if I could take it out but no matter how hard I pulled the stone would not budge. Then I heard a familiar voice echoing in my ear.
“Nina! Nina, where are you? You need to come back home its time for bed. Nina!” it was Nana’s voice. My heart was racing. Why did I feel like I was doing something incredibly wrong? I glanced one more time at the stone and decided I would return back later on tonight after Nana and the rest of the villagers had fallen asleep. I think it would be best not to tell Nana about my findings. I don’t know why but there is something strange about this stone.

Chapter II:
The secret cave

I thought about the stone all night long. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to tell Nana about it but I was afraid that she would tell me that I wouldn’t be aloud to go back up the mountain again. There were no opening to look out of the house. So I crept open the door that lead outside. From here I could see the outline of the mountains. Even from the village the mountains looked monstrous. My brother was right no one would be able to climb that high of an elevation.
It has been almost three hours since I had last spotted the stone. I didn’t even have to try not to fall asleep. I was in such amazement of the mysteries of the stone I couldn’t sleep even if I tried. I was sure that no one would notice if I left now.
Slowly and as quietly as I could I shut the door. Still in my pajamas and slippers I made my way to the foot of the mountain. The grass felt cold and tickled my skin. Finally I made it to the water route that made its way around the entire village. It was a good 4 feet across so of course I knew that I couldn’t cross it. Instead used a large log that had been placed across the water by my brother. Our spot was suppose to be secret so of course no one else knew about it. I took off my slippers so I wouldn’t fall and walked across the log barefoot. The tree bark was rough and pressed against my skin. It felt like tiny dull needles were trying to make their way into my skin but they just weren’t sharp enough to do so. Once I made my way to the rocks on the other side I put my slippers back on and made my way up the mountain.
When I made it up to where I found the stone not only was the stone missing but a large hole had been made in its place. I didn’t know what to do. Should I go inside? It looked so dark. I made a step towards it but then I stopped. I turned back to the village. I was so confused. I wish that my brother was here.
My brother was brave. He wouldn’t think twice before checking out the cave, but I wasn’t my brother. I wasn’t brave or strong like he was. He lived everyday fighting for our lives not knowing if it would be his last. I felt so compelled to go into the cave. I wanted to see for myself what was going on.
My whole life I have wanted adventure but when it came down to it. I just wanted cut out for that type of life. Not knowing what I was getting myself into I decided to turn back. I was just to scared to go. Maybe when my brother returned I would be brave enough to go inside.
I was making my back to the village when I suddenly stopped. I was so mad. “No,” I said quietly. “I won’t turn back. I won’t be a coward.” with out even thinking I made my way into total darkness. Never before had my legs trembled. Now they were shaking like so hard that I thought that I would collapse.
I couldn’t see anything. I kept running into large rocks and stumbling over the smaller ones. I don’t know how many times I thought about returning home. Back in my safe bed next to my Nana, and the safety of the village. Then I realized that I was lost. I didn’t even know which way was home. I was becoming frantic. I started running in the darkness, but before I got to far I tripped and crashed to the ground. I didn’t move. I didn’t want to get back up, just to end up even more lost. So I lied there, not wanting to get up. I was afraid to move. I’m not for sure how long I lied their before I passed out but when I came too there was a pair of orange lights floating in the air right in front of me.
After my eyes adjusted I realized that it wasn’t lights that I was seeing but bright orange eyes. Somehow the cave had become lighter than I remember, but I wasn’t looking for the source of light. My eyes were transfixed on the eyes looking straight at me. As the eyes came closer I could see that there was a small blue body connected to those translucent eyes.
I could feel my whole body shaking in fear. I didn’t know what to do. I have never seen such a creature before. I tried to get up but I was too scared to move. It was as if all my strength had been drained from my body. I was frozen in fear. Suddenly the creature vanished and was scuttling across the rock formation until it came to a small opening in the back of the cave.
When I was sure that the creature was gone I gathered enough strength to sit up. I looked around the cave but wasn’t for sure where I was suppose to go to get out of here. I looked over at the hole that the strange creature ran through and crawled over to it. The hole was no bigger than the size of my foot. Slowly I peeked inside the whole and saw the most marvelous world. I have never seen such a beautiful place in my whole life. The ground was covered in green with gorgeous blossoming colors of reds, purples, and so many more colors.
Then all of a sudden I felt something run into my face. I backed out my head as fast as I could from that hole as I could. I scuttled as fast as I could away from what ever had hit me in the face. When I looked down to see what it was I found that is was the same creature that had ran out of here. Only this time he was holding a shiny blue gem in his small hands. I was shocked when I realized that it was the same stone that was in the mountain side just a few hours ago. (how could this little guy take the gem out of the mountain).
The creature took a few steps towards me and placed the stone on the ground only a few feet in front of me. I wasn’t for sure what he was doing but I was to scared to move. Was he trying to give me the stone and if he was why?
Again the small blue creature made its way back to the stone and pushed it a few inches closer just before running back behind a small boulder. I raised my hand and was going to reach for it but I hesitated and quickly moved back to my original position.
The creature’s eyes rolled and he raced for the stone picked it up and tossed it at me. I felt it hit my head and I quickly moved my hand to my head to comfort my aching head. I think that the creature found this funny, because I hear a strange snickering sound come from behind the boulder. Slowly I moved my hand from my forehead and seen the gorgeous stone lying at my feet.
I reached down and picked up the stone and examined it as it rested in my palm. It was so beautiful. I wonder what Nana would think if she saw the stone. That reminded me. It was already morning. I hope it wasn’t to late otherwise Nana would be worried. Then she would become furious when she found out that I had snuck out.
That strange creature had already vanished. How would I ever be able to find my way out of here. There was light where I was but when I looked deeper into cave it quickly became a sea of darkness.
For some reason or other I felt a rush of bravery. Holding this stone I felt like I could gather enough courage and strength to find my way out, but I don’t know if I could ever have enough courage to face my Nana when she finds out where I have been all this time.

Chapter III:
My First Demon Encounter

After I made my way through the mountain everything I had experienced felt as if it were all just a dream. Only the stone in my hand reassured me that it was something much more. I have never felt such excitement in my whole life, but I was relieved that it was all over. I just wanted to go back home.
I can wait to show my brother my stone. For the first time I will have an exciting story to tell him. He will never believe what I saw. Come to think about it that strange thing was kind of cute. I wander what it was. I have never heard of a small blue creature with orange eyes. I wander why he gave me this stone, although he didn’t have to throw it at me like that.
I took a quick glance up at the morning sun and realized that I had missed the sun rise. I could also see a ghostly image of the moon too apparently it wasn’t ready to withdraw for the night.


A few people were already up and outside talking with one another and getting ready to start working. I ran into the room where Nana and me and a few others sleep but Nana wasn’t there. I hope that she didn’t go looking for me. She is probably worried sick.
I rushed outside and started searching for her but I didn’t find her. So I ran up to an older man named Alaric. “Have you seen my Nana,” I said innocently. “I haven’t seen her.”
“Well hello Nina. Yes I do believe I did see your grandmother around here somewhere this morning. Now where was it. Oh yes I do believe that it was near the fountain, but I‘m afraid that she isn’t there now as you can see. Maybe you should try and look in the kitchen.” He said with a smile. He was such a good and kind man. “she looked awfully sad though. I wander what is wrong with her. Maybe you should cheer her up. I bet she misses your brother.”
“Thank you sir,” I said quickly wanting to hurry up and find her so she knew that I was safe. “Have a good day.” He said something but I was in such a hurry I didn’t here what he said but I gave a quick wave and he waved with a confused smile.
I ran as fast as I could. When I made it to the kitchen I found Nana serving all the people. She didn’t seem to worried but I could tell that the smile that she put on in front of those people was fake.
“Nana!” I yelled happily and waved frantically in her direction. She looked up and waved with a wry smile. Then went straight back to work. I didn’t know how to interpret the smile, but I felt uneasy.
“Come on Nina,” I heard a small voice coming from the kitchen. It was my good friend kyrie. She was a hyperactive girl and talked really fast, but she was the nicest person ever and probably my best friend (right after my older brother).
“Hello Kyrie,” I said with almost no emotion at all. I didn’t know how she could be so energetic so early in the morning. I didn’t want her to see the stone I had found on the mountain so I hid it in my pocket.
“Well come on we have work to do. The dishes won’ clean themselves you know.”
I looked back at where my Nana had been just moments before but she had already disappeared. I wander why she didn’t say anything about me not being here this morning. Maybe she thought I just woke up early or something. I have done it a few time before when I couldn’t sleep, but usually she has to drag me out of bed by my toes. I am a hard worker but I enjoy my sleep.
“Hello, what is with you this morning? Have you gone deaf or something?” Kyrie yelled with her hands on her hips and a strange expression on her face.
“I’m coming.” I said trying not to give her any more reason to expect something. “How is it that you have so much energy this early in the morning? I feel like I just got swallowed and spit up.”
I didn’t realize how sore my whole body felt. I stayed up all night and I could have gotten more than five hours of sleep last night. I already felt like I was going to pass out. How on earth would I manage to go on the rest of the day?
“Yeah, you look it too. What happened to you? And look your knee is bleeding. Maybe you should go have someone take care of that. I can cover for you until you get back.”
Kyrie looked really worried about me. Usually she is always smiling. Which I am supprised because she is one of the children that lost her parents. Kyrie is only a two years older than me and yet she acts like she is much older. She is always there for me to make me laugh, and she help me pass the time by until my brother comes to see me.
She is also one of the many girls that has a crush on my older brother. I think that it gross that my best friend has a crush on my brother but in a way its funny too. Its so much fun teasing her about him. Kyrie isn’t an easy one to get embarrassed but when you mention my brother’s name her face gets beat red.
“I’ll be fine.”
“Well at least put something around it. Come with me and we will tie a handkerchief around your knee. ”
I followed kyrie into the kitchen and she went to a drawer filled with many rags most of them were old and torn but that was about all we had in this village. Kyrie then handed it to me.
“ I am not really good around blood maybe you should tie it on.” She said as she looked down at my opened wound. Kyrie looked as if she was about to throw up. Looking at her face made me laugh. I don’t know what came over me. Then kyrie joined in with me. We laughed together only a few seconds before someone came in and told us that we needed to quit fooling around. After she left we snickered under our breaths. Before we made my way back into the kitchen I tied the rag around my knee and both kyrie and I went to work.


The whole day felt strange to me. Even with kyrie there I didn’t feel safe. I felt as something was going to happen. I didn’t want to admit it before but what if that creature that I saw in the mountain was a demon? That one may have been small but what if larger ones made their way into our village? I suddenly felt sick. I felt like I was back in that dark cave again lost and alone. I didn’t know if I should tell someone about what I had found or if I should just forget it ever happened.
How did that hole get up there in the first place. What if demons are already here in the village? I could feel my body becoming weak again just like it did in the cave. I felt cold and lonely again. Everything began swirling and I became dizzy. Then with out notice my world went black.

Chapter IX:

When I woke up I found kyrie looking over me. I was looking up at her. This room looked familiar it was where me and Nana slept. So I guess everything was just a dream after all. There was no cave, or shiny stone, and most importantly there was no demon. I could feel a hundred stones being taken off my chest. I felt so releived.
“Nina, your awake! I was so worried about you. I thought that you were dead. I mean on minute you are working and the next minute you are passed out on the floor. I cant believe that you just fainted like that. I have never been so scared in my entire life.” I cant believe how much this girl can talk. I am surprised that she can still breath, but she said that I passed out in the kitchen. How can that be? I moved my hand up to try and sit up and that’s when I felt the strange stone in my pocket. “Oh Nina, don’t ever scare me like that again. I didn’t ever think that you would wake up again…” Kyrie’s words were becoming blured. I couldn’t make out what she was saying. All my attension was concentrated on the stone that shouldn’t have been there.
“Nina!” Nana’s voice broke me from the spell of the stone.
“Nana I am so scared. I think that I did something awful.” I blurted out at her. Kyrie stoped talking and just looked at me in bewilderment.
“Whats going on Nina? What did you do?”
“Kyrie honey would you mind running to the kitchen and fetching Nina something to eat and drink.” Kyrie seemed hesiten to leave but after only a few short seconds she shot out of the room and out the door.
Nana didn’t say anything at first. She just held me in her arms as I cried. I felt safe in her arms. I felt that if I told her about the cave, and the stone, and even about the little demon that Nana would be able to fix everything.
“Nina listen to me. I know that you are scared, but I need you to be brave for me okay. What I have to tell you may make you upset but I need you to just listen to me.” what was going on. I thought that I was the one that needed to talk to her. How did she know that I was scared? What was going on?
“Now what is going on Nina?” even though she asked me it was as if she already knew the answer, but how did she know? It was as if she was asking me for some sort of hope that what she thought wasn’t true. Or maybe nothing was wrong at all. Maybe there is nothing to worry about. Besides it was just a small demon. If that’s what it even was.
“I am not for sure really . Its just that I found this stone shining in the mountain the other day, and…”
“Oh no, than it true,” what was she talking about. I haven’t even told her the whole story yet. “Then we haven’t much time.”
“Time, what are you talking about Nana? Did I do something wrong?” Nana wasn’t saying anything to me. Why wasn’t she talking? She was making me feel even more scared. I wish that she would just tell me that everything was going to be alright, but she wasn’t saying anything at all.

Chapter X:

Chapter XI:

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