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A comprehensive list of signs of dyslexia in preschool, elementary and high school.
Dyslexic students are able to learn, but they learn in a different way and often require one-on-one instruction, private lessons and constant repetition of skills in order to master them.If a child has 3 or more of the following warning signs, I encourage your to learn more about dyslexia.

Part I

In Preschool

*delayed speech
*mixing up the sounds and syllables in long words
*chronic ear infection
*can't create words that rhyme
*late establishing a dominant hand
*difficulty learning to tie shoes
*constant confussion of left versus right
*trouble memorizing address, telephone
*trouble memorizing the alphabet

Some students are never diagnosed in school and therefore do not receive proper instruction. These students go through school constantly struggling, often hate school and become very depressed. Part II will inform warning signs in Elementary School.

Ms. Yamilette Rodriguez
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