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flash fiction for contest 300 words, Independence Day

Michelle watched the ambulance roar down the street, siren blaring and lights flashing until it turned the corner. Taking a deep breath she marched into the house.

Looking at the debris the paramedics left behind in the living room, she shook her head. “Typical of that asshole,” she muttered, “he can’t even die without leaving a mess behind.”

Going to the hall closet she removed a large suitcase. Andy had mostly been out of his mind with fear during his heart attack, but just before the paramedics rolled him out the door he had grabbed Michelle’s hand and told her to be sure and bring him some clothes.

“Bring me a change of clothes,” he said, teeth clenched in pain, “and don’t be all damn night about it either!”

Yes, it didn’t look like he would die after all; the paramedic said it had been a fairly mild attack in spite of all the hollering and crying Andy had done.

Well, no matter, Michelle thought, carrying the suitcase into the bedroom, I’m not going to be here when the sonofabitch gets back!

Michelle and Andy had been married twelve years. In fact, next Tuesday would be their thirteenth anniversary. Michelle intended to celebrate that, somewhere far, far away from here.

“I will NOT take any more of his crap!” Michelle vowed. “Not another slap, not another kick, no more of his demeaning name calling!”

Michelle turned around and sat down on the over stuffed suitcase and snapped it shut. Taking one last look around at all her worldly possessions, Michelle went to the closet and pulled on her coat.

“It may not be July!” Michelle smiled, lighting a book of matches. “But today is INDEPENDENCE DAY asshole!” Tossing the flaming matchbook over her shoulder she pulled the door shut.
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