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poem for prelim round 2 of SLAM!--the pace of the city

My chakras go spinning *Flower1*
along Lincoln Road mall
like old-timey hoops
down the streets of Our Town.
Number two's wide open,
an apricot bloom *Flower2*
in the Miami heat,
fed with hot, fleshy food
and plastic sex for sale.
Cash registers kaching
and the full moon's drumming,
English, Spanish, Creole,
neo-Babel's patois.
At the outdoor cafes,
lips smeared with sweet butter,
grey-haired lovers, creaking sharp,
fenced by mounting desires. *Flower3*
Neither blue state, nor red,
but a Cantaloupe Isle.
Mint leaves and mojitos
fly this nation's flag. *Flower4*
All my spinal bones shift,
kundalini's rising.
Just takes one to tango,
let the party begin. *Flower5*

Written for: "SLAM!
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