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Jest Another One of Those Daze

We were hopping four sum daze with fare whether. We war lite close bee caws the son heeded the heir.Eye took cough my sweater because I half thee right two bare arms. Wee wanted to billed a how’s bye the see sure. A home that is bowled inn design and awl a loan on the beech. Eye deed knot knead a neck store nay boar.

We were digging a whole when the wind blue and the reins came. It pored . My friend, Clawed, was getting very whet. He got his name because a lion at the shopping center tried to mall him. Butt, Eye digest. The hole was fool of water. It was a very big poodle! Then we poured the sea meant and the bays mint was maid. Then a reign bough a peered.

Fine alley, it was dune. The {c;green}rumswere the largesse weed ever scene. It was bee you tea full! I was filter the brim with pried! We mooed in and then we decided to climb the rocks near {c;green}bye. I challenged Clawed: ”{c"green}Aisle beet ewe to the top of the bolder!”

He said, “ Don’t you dear me! And then,”{c;green}Yorea teas!” He did not no how surrey us I was!

I said,”Suture self,” and began to rays. I one, and then we enjoyed looking out to sea the boats sale a weigh from the peer. We waived and wend back to talk about go wing fishing but we clammed up. I through him a trap; he called me a lobster. The serf got two rough; it was hi tied! We went home by hour shelves.

Iside a sigh of reel leaf for it had bin a lung day.
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