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by Jezri
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About forgiving and moving on.

Deep in my soul, where I hide all my hurt,
is a painful old wound, swept under the dirt.
I've hid it away all of these years,
though it's never stopped hurting, or bringing me tears.

I carry it with me, wherever I go,
The weight of its' burden keeping me low.
The memory of pain still vividly felt,
whispers to me that no one can help.

I fall to my knees, it’s too much to bare,
And call out to God, for surely He’ll care,
I pour out my grief, my anguish and pain,
Then through my tears, His answer came.

You don’t need to hurt, He whispered to me,
You can be happy, just forgive and you’ll see.
But how do I forgive, when my heart won't let go,
Of the sadness and anger, so long ago sown?

I carry it with me, a while more,
The anger within me causing a war.
My soul is in shreds, my heart’s been ripped out,
Can’t anyone help, my spirit still shouts.

Then through my anguish, I hear Him again,
His voice coming from outside and in,
Forgiveness my child, just let it all go,
This hate that you feel is killing you slow.

I want to forgive, I cry out in pain,
This anger I have is truly insane.
I’ve tried to forgive, for it’s tearing me apart.
This bleeding wound stuck to my heart.

But when I try, so the hurting will end,
a knife cuts right through ‘till it's oozing again.
You can do it, He whispers to me,
Just take My hand, for forgiveness is free.

On your own, you are weak
To find forgiveness, it’s Me you must seek.
Then He showed me forgiveness, by forgiving my sins,
And through His love, my anger now dims.

I couldn’t forgive because I didn’t know how,
But because of His love, I’m able to now.
He showed me true love, and I know it each day,
And forgiveness now comes, for He showed me the way.

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